Over the years we have amassed a comprehensive database of over 15,000 candidates in London – including details of favoured technologies, job titles, location and job type preferences. We use this data to send focused emails for specific roles on behalf of employers. The number of recipients varies based on the role, it’s location and seniority, but as a rough guide most emails are sent to between 550 and 950 candidates.

We spend time preparing a custom email for every campaign. Every decision we make in preparing and sending the email is research/experience-driven, to optimise open rates and subsequent applications – the subject line, the positioning of your logo, the length of the job summary, the day of the week and the time the email is sent, etc.

These email campaigns are priced at £75 each. We can run campaigns for jobs not currently listed on our platform (and send traffic direct to your ATS/Careers Portal, but we prefer the listings to be live on our platform first, as users are familiar with submitting applications on it.)

We prepare each email ourselves from your job listings on Boolerang, so all we need you need to do is complete the form below, letting us know how many, and which jobs you’d like campaigns to be run for.

Total Amount: 75.00 GBP