Don’t you hate doing, and seeing people, perform manual and repetitive tasks that can be automated? Do you want to automate those processes so people can spend their time focusing on providing value to the business that a computer can’t? Zopa is looking for a DevOps Engineer who wants to help.

You will help to remove inefficiencies in the way Zopa use (or don’t use) technology to drive value for the business. Automating, helping to design and support the various technology infrastructure to help Zopa grow. Both in our self-hosted datacentres and the cloud.

From having lent £1.8 billion to date over the last 10 years, with £700 million lent in just the last 12 months, the amount of information we need to store, process and analyse is only going to grow and we need the technology, best practices and in-house skills to support this.

Our goal over the next year is to build a real-time event streaming infrastructure with Kafka at the heart. As the development teams break the monolith into smaller services, we’ll be publishing huge quantities of events with the added challenge of a multi-datacentre setup. We’re looking for the knowledge, skills and experience to help design, build and support this key piece of infrastructure.


  • A deep knowledge of building and maintaining Kafka clusters (mirroring Kafka across multiple datacenters)
  • Broad knowledge of technology, with the ability to deep learn specific stacks
  • A good knowledge of at least one programming language and the willingness to dabble in others (ruby, Go, python, .NET)
  • Linux administration (Ubuntu, CoreOS)
  • Experience with configuration management (Packer, Puppet, Chef, etc..)
  • Exposure to cloud infrastructure
  • Shell scripting (Bash, Powershell)
  • Knowledge of event streaming
  • Linux containers and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Ability to troubleshoot and tune performance

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