WonderBill (www.wonderbill.com) removes the hassle and stress of managing your bills and helps ensure you’re getting a fair deal. By providing a single place to view and manage all household accounts, we help you keep on top of your bills and manage your finances. Our product proactively provides tailored comparisons and makes switching super-simple, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best deal for you.

The current team size is just over 25 people including both technical and commercial experts (designers, developers, engineers, product managers, contact centre staff, marketers and business operations). If you are looking for a firm that will enable you to be hands on in a fast moving and brand new environment, as well as having a lot of fun, WonderBill may well be the place for you.

About WonderBill:

We are looking to add a number of Back End Engineers to our already strong team, working with technologies such as Go and Ruby. You’ll be joining a great team with a breadth of unparalleled experience.

We hire people to be part of a full-stack, cross-functional, co-located product development team. We seek creative, passionate people with a collaborative mindset who can work effectively together to form high performance teams and solve complex problems. We are seeking engineers at all levels that are versatile with a broad range of skills and also bring a depth of knowledge in engineering practices, tools and specific languages/technologies.

WonderBill practices Agile Engineering, but we do not do Agile for the sake of Agile. We build systems using Agile Engineering because these practices, processes, tools, and infrastructure all have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that delight customers and create genuine business value.

Building great software at web scale requires a multidisciplinary approach to engineering. It is far more important to be able to reason intelligently about complex problems, and apply experience to new domains than it is to know specifics about the latest technology buzzword.

We do not expect engineers to be experts in all languages, but you should be able to write code in several core development languages, have worked with the important frameworks and tools in a variety of platforms, and be willing to use your knowledge and experience in new domains.

As an engineer within WonderBill you should be conversant with a few of the following, and know when (and when not) to use them. This is not a shopping list, but a list of things that every engineer should either have in their kit bag, or know how to acquire:


–     Ruby/Rails, Go(lang)
–     Mobile: Swift (iOS), Java (Android)


–     Git, GitHub, Trello


–    RSpec, Selenium, Capybara
–    Postgres, MySQL
–    Docker
–    Amazon Web Services

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