Visly is creating a shared space for developers and designers to collaborate on products. Our mission is to streamline the process for creating front end application by reducing boilerplate code and improving the collaboration between designers and engineers.

We are looking for a developer experience with building out backend infrastructure to join our small but quickly growing team. Currently, we are a mix of designers and engineers, all with a deep background in both coding and design, having shipped products for companies like Facebook and Google. Visly is backed by great investors such as YCombinator, Kleiner Perkins, and Mosaic Ventures.

Some of the things you may end up doing at Visly:

  • Building scalable backend services which support the main application.
  • Building out new backend services from scratch such as a component marketplace, GitHub integrations, design tool integrations and much more.
  • Managing databases, logging, and analytics pipelines.
  • Improving the code generation to produce more readable, performant, and debuggable code.
  • Working on internal tools, build systems, CI, and testing to improve the velocity of our engineering team.
  • Listening to feedback from developers and designers using Visly. Responding to them by improving the product, writing documentation, and creating tutorials.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Can understand the developers and designers using Visly and effectively implement changes needed to better their user experience.
  • Is eager to both learn from and share your knowledge with others on the team.
  • Is passionate about design, performance, and accessibility.
  • Has extensive experience working with Node.js. Also a big plus if you have worked with React, GraphQL and Electron.

What is it like working at Visly?

Visly is a distributed company. We are currently spread across London and Stockholm, as well as Umeå and Kramfors in Northern Sweden, and we expect to be adding more to that list. At Visly, we trust you to work on the most impactful projects and manage your own time. We trust everyone to work the way they work best. While it isn’t mandatory, many engineers on the team enjoy pair programming to solve problems more quickly together. We understand the value of keeping a clean codebase and continually refactoring when needed, as this improves the velocity at which we can fix bugs and ship features to our users.

At Visly, we’re looking for people who are as passionate as we are about changing how designers and developers work together and have the determination to see it through. We value experience, but understand that it sometimes doesn’t tell the whole story – if your background doesn’t quite line up with the description, but you’ve got the skills and passion, we still heavily encourage you to apply. At Visly, we welcome diverse perspectives, deep thinkers and assumption challengers. Sounds like you? Then come join us.

Emil Sjölander, Founder & CEO

Tagged as: Node.js

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