viagogo is the world’s largest marketplace for tickets to live events. Our goal is to bring the widest selection of concert, sport, theatre, and festival tickets to every fan’s fingertips. With millions of happy customers from over one hundred different countries, we’re well on our way. We’ve made this possible by providing a safe and secure platform for fans to buy and sell tickets to live events anywhere in the world. It’s no wonder that hundreds of leading sports and entertainment brands have partnered with viagogo to help manage the resale market for their tickets, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, and Tomorrowland.

We are looking for a motivated iOS developer who lives and breathes iOS for our London office. You will possess the enthusiasm and passion required to develop exciting and complex applications. You love being challenged every day to “make it better” by improving the code, the UI and user experience.

What we are looking for:

  • A commitment to continually improving your skills and knowledge
  • A solid knowledge of core iOS frameworks, not libraries.
  • Understands that being a great developer means more the just writing good code
  • Strong principals in terms of what it means to create clean, maintainable, well structured code
  • An understanding of TDD-
    • Best Case: working in a test driven environment
    • Minimum: can show examples of personal projects implementing automated testing, understands how to use them and the basic principals
  • Can show, through code and/or writing, an inquisitive nature to learn alternative methodologies and libraries, from processes and tools to app frameworks
  • Awareness of Clean Code, Solid Principals, Software Craftsmanship, and Design Patterns

What you will be involved in:

  • Using the latest frameworks, beyond just the standard iOS frameworks
  • Work with a modular codebase, proven with tests (TDD and Agile)
  • Being challenged everyday to ‘make it better’ by improving the code, the UI, and the user experience
  • Working in an environment that enables you to get on with crafting great experiences
  • Every step of the process involves the whole team, and you will be expected to have an opinion
  • Work as part of a small team of developers, currently 3 Android devs and 2 iOS devs, to build the best ticketing applications out there. Have a say in the way things are done, to make the apps better and the environment we work in

And if this was not enough we also have our monthly hackathons where you can partner up and bring your ideas to life!

You can check out the latest viagogo iOS app release here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/viagogo-tickets-concerts-sports/id953433135?mt=8

Skills and Attributes:

Technical Skills Required:-

  • Minimum of 1-2 year’s commercial iOS development experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of iOS application architecture and frameworks.
  • Can show examples of application architecture using modular design and extensible layouts
  • RESTful web services implementations and efficient network request handling
  • Knows how to implement and manage multi threaded functionality to create super smooth applications.
  • Knowledge of the application submission process and the Human Interface Guidelines

If you are excited by technology and motivating those around you, then viagogo is looking for you.  We hire the best & brightest candidates to work with us in an environment that encourages discussion, experimentation, and excellence in our results – come join us as we build on our past success making viagogo the biggest ticket marketplace in the world.

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