We are looking for a passionate, dedicated Senior Software Engineer who cares about giving our customers a great experience just as much as they do making world class software.

Our purpose is simple – create mobile experiences that make the world work better for billions of people. It’s a lofty one, but when we inject our mobile specialism into some of the biggest companies in the world, we ship game changing products.

Whether its rebuilding essential weather services with the Met Office, Transforming journey planning with Go-Ahead Group or evolving how TfL test brakes on their tube trains, our cross functional team of engineers, designers, strategists, product owners and Agile specialists are ready to take on the challenge.

As the biggest team of mobile specialists in the UK, we are always ready for what’s coming next. We believe that the app is dead, as we see user experiences unbundle into a multitude of emerging platforms and touchpoints all with their own take on technology and development approach. Everything from a speaker in your car, to a watch on your wrist and intelligent microservices in the cloud.

You will need to be an adaptable, flexible engineer that puts the technology and software design approach at the forefront of your skill, but understand the value in making it simple enough that end users and our clients don’t know the software exists.

At TAB, our engineers are:

  • Technology agnostic, polyglot engineers – always seeking to use the right tools for the right job
  • Working on server-side development, as well as cutting edge areas of machine learning and IOT
  • Continuously solving complex programming problems in a clean and test-driven way
  • Working as part of cross-functional Agile teams, alongside Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Designers
  • Working closely with our enterprise clients, leading organisations in industries such as automotive, retail, transport and finance

You must be:

  • A skilled engineer, who is always looking to further your craft
  • An experienced advocate of XP practices, cloud architecture and deployment automation
  • Passionate about technology and thrive when dealing with the cutting-edge and the unknown
  • Able to solve challenging technical and non-technical problems independently and autonomously
  • An excellent communicator, who can work effectively as part of a collaborative team, alongside clients
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in at least one of: Swift, C#, Ruby, Javascript, .NET, AWS, Azure Docker
  • An experienced and trusted adviser to the business; willing to support and mentor your team to success

You may also be:

  • Experience with building and delivering large scale applications for enterprise clients
  • Experience working with cross functional teams using agile practices and continuous delivery
  • Success with developing and executing technical strategy and leadership
  • Experience with advising or implementing DevOps solutions

TAB Principles:

Bringing all of this together is no mean feat. But with the Agile principles at the heart of how we collaborate and deliver as a team, we have evolved our own set of TAB principles to guide TABbers:

  • Keep TAB Tempo – You understand how to enable a fast feedback loop with our clients and their end users through use of CI and CD. Every project is different, and you can flex your skills to adapt to change quickly – whether it’s a new technology or a new way of working.
  • Beat stuff up – You ruthlessly question the how and the why before diving into writing code, taking a behaviour-driven approach. You’re continuously looking for new technologies and ways of working to deliver even better outcomes for clients.
  • Pull the cord – You take a risk-based approach to development, proving feasibility and approach end-to-end and uncovering major challenges as early as possible. You are a strong advocate of continuous improvement, not afraid to surface problems and suggest solutions openly in retrospectives or elsewhere.
  • Sweat what matters – You promote focussed iterations rather than a big bang delivery of features. You are passionate about clean and well tested code, as you know cutting corners often slows you down in the long run.
  • Tap up TAB – You enjoy working with and learning from others, whether it be a colleague across the bench or members of a local meetup. You proactively explore new areas of your craft and build networks, so you know exactly how to get help when you really need it.
  • Make it simple – You know being a developer is much more than just programming. Communicating technical ideas to non-technical stakeholders effectively is something you do proactively and are always looking to improve at.
  • Always zoom out – You understand software development is often about balancing trade-offs, and have a good understanding of the commercial, political and user objectives impacting projects you work on. You take this context into account when making and reacting to decisions and you help others understand the same.

About The App Business

Founded in 2009, The App Business runs fast and lean, creating awesome products and services for ambitious clients ready to rethink their business around mobile-enabled users. Based in the heart of London’s thriving King’s Cross, we work in an environment built to help us – and our clients – excel. We invest heavily in this vision, placing the support and development of our teams, as well as our culture, at the heart of everything we do.

As a company, we know it is important to acknowledge the effort our people put in – which is why we have a great range of benefits in place, which increase as people grow and develop within TAB. It is one of the many ways we ensure we say thank you, and has lead to us ranking as ‘Outstanding’ in the independent Best Companies Index.

If this sounds like the kind of place you want to work, apply now!