Hi there,

Do you want to use tech for good? Welcome to Super Being Labs and we tackle social challenges through our work. We’ve got a great core team, with our CTO having over 16 years of development experience across a range of companies and now we’re looking to grow and are looking for a front-end dev to work with us – either as a freelancer, on contract or full-time – we’re super flexible (you can work from our office on the Strand or work remotely).

If that sounds like something that takes your fancy, we’d love to meet if you have time? Or can Skype?

Many thanks,


ps. Oh here is a bit about the skills we are looking for:

Essential Skills

  • 3 years of minimum experience and a passion for learning
  • A very good understanding of core front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Experience with CSS pre-processors such as SASS
  • Experience architecting and maintaining a front-end codebase, individually and as part of a team
  • Ability to write high-performance, reusable code
  • UI and UX design experience
  • Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues, and ways to work around them
  • Aware of client-side performance considerations
  • Knowledge of version control (Git) and Github
  • Experience in developing responsive cross-browser and cross-platform compatible websites
  • Passion for developing interfaces that are accessible to people with disabilities
  • Experience in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or Sketch


  • Ability to work with an existing codebase without feeling compelled to rewrite everything, instead choosing to incrementally improve things over time
  • Love for technology and design, always trying to learn new things but being able to evaluate pros/cons and not adopt a new technology every week

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Ruby on Rails application structure and asset pipeline
  • Identify and communicate front-end best practices with the rest of the team
  • Desire to create coding standards and methodologies for the team to follow
  • Knowledge or experience of using CSS naming conventions such as BEM
  • Experience of creating/maintaining a living style guide
  • Knowledge of HTML5 technologies and APIs such as offline storage and workers