Studio Graphene is looking for *contract* Node.js developers to join our team in London.


We’re a digital innovation studio (or digital innovation as a service if you like). We take the best ideas in London from concept to product, working collaboratively to deliver the best service possible.


To join our existing team, we’re looking to hire node.js backend developers to focus upon the server-side core services. We have reasonable levels of design documentation for most of the target products (we also have office plants … not your average start-up !!!). The role will involve understanding the services that have been built to date, the designs for the remaining backlog and then merging in with the existing agile delivery structure.

Our services (a pragmatic approach to “micro”) sit behind a REST based API layer. We use Swagger to define the API and the service interface classes. A separate DB team is responsible for dynamically creating data dictionaries, which form object model definitions around data access.
We’re a distributed team across London and Gurgaon (near Delhi).

Expectations around skill set will involve having the knowledge and experience of creating good manageable code. Good development disciplines (journalling / instrumentation / comments / design traceability) will strengthen our existing practices.

The services are message based and will support mass consumer base App. propositions. Therefore, pooling, re-cycling and memory management are all core coding skills to possess.
Development & demonstration is done within AWS. We use AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda Functions to support a serverless architecture. We’re using claudia.js to faciliate integrate of node into the AWS provision.

CI / CD toolset comprises of both standard Atlassian as well as some of the AWS services.

No recruiters please

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