Within the role, you will be creating an interactive human centric dashboard, manage streams of metadata, retrieve time series from databases and visualise behaviour patterns.
On a day to day basis you will be working on our data pipeline and visualisation alongside our CTO developing the product further.

Apply if you are familiar with most of the following

  • Node
  • Experience with big data
  • Express
  • Grunt
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Performance optimisation
  • Security
  • Agile Development
  • Working within a Team
  • Git Source Control

Nice to have, but not required:

  • AWS
  • Graph Databases – Neo4j
  • Python
  • D3js


  • You write clean, concise, self-documenting code that both you and your team can still understand a year after.
  • You care about naming.
  • You do not repeat yourself. You do not believe that more code represents the solution to a problem.
  • You test everything.
  • We appreciate high level languages that avoid heaps of boilerplate code, but at the same time we need to know what goes on under the hood, and so should you.
  • You think in patterns: Synchronous/asynchronous, Multithreaded/event driven, Latency/bandwidth and you take them into consideration before writing code.
  • You are familiar with the latest technologies and use them judiciously. You can tell which of the modern tools in your belt work for the task at hand and which do not.
  • You know what you do not know and you are as comfortable asking for help as you are offering it. We advocate mutual knowledge sharing. Nobody knows everything.
  • You will also be working together with our new data scientist to develop new ways of visualising the data

Please see http://www.statustoday.com/jobs for more

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