Sparta Global is looking to hire Junior Software Developers who have completed or are on track to complete development bootcamps to join our tech consultancy business. Sparta has industry partners across media, retail and finance including market leading brands and pioneering start-ups. Our tech consultants work with our client partners to help them build great software and products.

We would like to provide free top up training to any code bootcamp graduates in either your current area of skill or in a new area of software development. We offer 3 streams:

  • Web Development (JS including node, mongoDB, express and react)
  • DevOps (Ruby, JS, Linux, AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet)
  • Software Developers in Testing (Ruby, Selenium, Cucumber).

After you’ve upskilled, we have a dedicated placement team who actively arrange for you to interview and get placed with one of our client partners. As soon as you start your first role with one of our client partners we start you on a 2-year employment salary with pay reviews every 6 months.

You will have the opportunity to work with multiple clients during the 2-year period so that you can ground and practise your skills. If you are between projects you’ll still receive your salary as normal. At the end of two years you’ll have four options: 1. Stay as a permanent tech consultant at Sparta and continue working with various client partners on site as well as upskilling at our academy. 2. Become a permanent employee with the client you’re working with (if it’s mutually desirable). 3. Head off to a completely new role elsewhere. 4. Come back to the academy to join our training team as a trainer. Whatever you choose, we’ll support you with it!

What are we looking for?

  1. You’ve completed a web development or coding bootcamp in good standing.
  2. You’re passionate and curious about programming. You’re excited by new technology and want to develop your engineering skills further.
  3. You’re mobile and can work with client partners in various locations in the UK or abroad.
  4. You have strong communication skills – you can confidently engage with CEOs in the boardroom and teammates outside of work.
  5. You’re available to come and train at our tech academy in Richmond for up to 12 weeks.

The benefits you’ll receive:

A full time salaried position with regular pay reviews and employee benefits and company perks after your first year.
Practical, instructor-led training.

Career growth with the opportunity to work and learn in different companies and environments over 2 years.
Ongoing professional development and career mentoring from our people team, partnerships team and training team, even when you’re on site.


How do I find out more about the role?

Make an application for the role and your details will come through to our talent team. They can speak to you in more detail about the role. You can also ask us a question on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

What happens if I don’t get placed?

We are so confident in what we do, that we don’t charge you anything at all. If you’re not working within 3 months, you can walk away with nothing lost, and a whole new set of skills gained.

What happens if I’m not flexible on my location?

That’s important for us as it’s part of being a consultant in any business or industry. But nonetheless, come talk to us. We’re open to meeting you and seeing if we can find a way forward.

When do I actually get paid?

Your pay kicks in as soon as you start your first day doing work with a client partner.

How long does it take for you to place people?

It varied from person to person and business to business, but on average over the last 6 months averaged at 31 days from completing training to first day.

Can you sponsor me if I don’t have a visa or right to work in the UK?

Sorry, no we can’t.

How do you make money if I get my training for free?

Over the two years you’ll spend working in industry, we recoup the cost of your training from the client partners you work with.

What’s the application process?

Apply via the job posting and one of our talent team will get in touch to speak to you and do a pre-screen. Then we’ll invite you to one of our open days where you can come see the campus, meet the team and find out more details about the process, curriculum and training. We’ll ask you to complete a few activities and then we’ll interview you, ask you to complete a technical challenge and ask to see any work you’ve done in the past. After the open day finishes we usually aim to make decisions and contact everyone within a week.

Something else is putting me off. Can I do anything about it?
If something is turning you off let us know what it is! Contributing to a diverse tech community is important to us so if there’s something holding you back from applying, let us know. If you’re right for us, we’re open to talking about how we can bring you into our team.