Simply put; Skimlinks is a big data technology and product startup, building cool stuff, at scale.

We build highly transactional, high throughput platforms that connect publishers, merchants, and audiences; which allows some of the most popular sites in the world to efficiently and easily monetise their curated journalistic content. We partner with companies like Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Independent and Hearst to diversify their content monetisation strategies; which helps them create more of the journalistic content that we all consume and enjoy, without relying upon additional banner advertising.

We’re also leveraging our massive amount of anonymous behavioural  data to create greenfield data platforms. We employ a diverse array of advanced Machine Learning and Classical Statistical methodologies to interrogate our dizzying amounts of data. Though our platforms, we have a direct view of the browsing and shopping behaviours of over 650 million users; amassing over 1TB of data daily across over a billion incoming events.

On the front-end, We are building beautiful user interfaces on top of a world-class, big data platform. A single page analytics suite to give our merchants and publishers actionable information about campaign performance, user engagement and conversion. We are helping merchants and publisher connect to run more successful campaigns and better monetise content.


  • You will be part of a cross-functional team including front-end, big data engineers and back-end engineers.
  • Working with multiple technologies in JavaScript (and associated frameworks), HTML5, CSS3.
  • Re-architecting and building our core feature Skim.js – the JavaScript we inject into Publisher sites. This is a complex and elegant piece
  • of JavaScript that is at the core of our business.
  • Creating new interfaces, reporting suites and APIs
  • Collaborating with the design team to create responsive, fast and cross-browser interfaces used by merchants and publishers.
  • Connect and use Skimlinks APIs to process and visualise data in the browser using JavaScript and charting libraries.
  • For the right person, this could be a Lead / Staff Level role – as such, leading the team and architecture of our front-end products will be key.


  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, as well as associated frameworks (such as React, Redux etc.). Having said this, you should know what’s going on “under the hood” in JavaScript.
  • Some Back-End Engineering experience; preferably with a statically typed language, or Python
  • Excellent experience with front-end technologies – HTML5, CSS3 and associated preprocessors.
  • ES6 / ES7 knowledge would be desirable as we’re using it in production.


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