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At Masabi we do our best to create great career opportunities for our people which is why this role is particularly exciting for us. We would like to give a seasoned QA/Test Manager the chance to prove themselves with a larger remit by taking on management of a full Dev team, as well as the strategy for QA/test. We see this as a rare opportunity for a great QA Manager to branch out and start heading down the track for a CTO/VP Engineering role in the future.

The Role

Our engineering team of ~40 people is split into numerous teams.  Peer to an existing Software Engineering Manager who manages half of these teams, you will manage the other half (circa 20 engineers), and both of you will report into the VP Engineering. As your speciality is QA/Test, you will lead our approach to testing for both teams (the entire engineering organisation). This would involve a mixture of defining strategy for functional, performance, security, and load testing, as well as recruitment, mentoring/coaching, and above all creating an environment where test engineers and developers can contribute, grow, and enjoy what they do. You will take full responsibility for the SDLC across your teams.

What you will learn at Masabi

In this role, you will break out of your QA/Testing “pigeon hole” and will become a more rounded engineering manager with a remit that spans both Dev and Test.

You will learn how to manage development teams in an Agile environment, taking full responsibility for the output of your team.
You will gain exposure to some of the most influential transit agencies in the world and work closely with them to deliver innovative, disruptive software solutions.

The Engineering Team

We believe that making great products should be enjoyable and rewarding. Our teams are self organising – most use scrum, kanban or a hybrid approach that gives them to the best chance to meet their collective goals. Each team has specialists in dev, test, (sometimes hardware too) and deployment who work together to create fantastic business outcomes for our customers.

We enjoy hack days 6 times a year. We do it for fun, to learn, and to prototype cool ideas that might help our customers. Of course we have deadlines, but we enjoy what we do and we celebrate our success regularly.

The person we are looking for

You will have all of the following experience:

At least 8+ years working in technology.
At least 5+ years specialising in, or responsible for a QA/Test function.
At least 5+ years managing teams of 10+ engineers, either testers or developers.
Some experience working with agile delivery teams.