We’re looking for an experienced full stack developer to join Peg – someone with a passion for writing great code and building products people love. Familiarity with our stack (Rails & Angular, see below) is a big plus, but above all we’re looking for people who can build software that is well-designed, well-tested, and scales well to huge datasets and thousands of users. If you have experience already designing and building high-quality SaaS applications, consider our interest thoroughly piqued.

A typical week

  • Work on enhancements to our search backend to surface more creators in developing countries.
  • Help implement one-click deploys (we’re working on it!) at Peg, and deepen our Continuous Integration setup.
  • Brainstorm ideas and applicable technologies with the CEO and CTO for increasing Peg’s stickiness.
  • Use Skylight to investigate performance issues on the site.
  • Become inspired by the 93 knitting creators on Peg, attempt unsuccessfully to knit a tea cosy.

Our stack

The most important pieces of our stack are (you can see the whole shebang at StackShare):

  • Ruby on Rails 4.2
  • Angular 1.5
  • PostgreSQL DB (a big ‘un – we’ve got hundreds of millions of rows)
  • Redis & Sidekiq
  • Gulp build pipeline
  • ES6 throughout
  • RSpec for testing


  • You’ve been building web applications professionally for at least a year.
  • You enjoy writing well-designed, maintainable, modular code.
  • You can consistently ship software, and take pride in the polish of your work.
  • You have familiarity with at least some of tech stack, or close equivalents (e.g. Python instead of Ruby, React rather than Angular).
  • You understand and care about performance, and can help scale Peg as we process more data and serve more users.
  • You’re a good communicator (even when talking to non-technical folks), and generally a nice person to be around.
  • You’re excited about building solutions to solve problems that have never been tackled before.

Why Peg?

OK, we’re very biased, but we think Peg is an incredible place to work. Part of it is the people: from our CEO, who ran the fastest growing YouTube channel in the world, to our CTO who’s previously trained hundreds of developers, we think we have a world class team that’s uniquely placed to shake-up the world of content. Part of it are the problems we’re tackling: we face technical and business challenges that are tough, but offer massive opportunities if we crack them. Plus they’re just fun to solve. Lastly there’s the Peg culture. We’re all geeks at heart and love to learn – from our little Peg library, to our regular Pegucation sessions, if you love learning, you’ll love Peg.

Lastly, we believe great work deserves great compensation – you’ll earn a competitive salary at Peg + equity.

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