At Pashion we are working to bring cutting edge visual search and workflow automation to key business processes in the fashion industry.

We are looking for an experienced web developer who has been living in Chrome Dev Tools for a few years. You are using or interested in Javascript ES6 (Promises, Fetch). You use some type of CSS preprocessing. You might prefer flexbox to using Bootstrap. You have experience in that new framework, VanillaJS, and have some experience in one of the newer frameworks such as Angular, Aurelia, or React. And maybe you think JQuery still has a place now and then, or at least you have an informed opinon on it. How about newer browser features? Web Components? Knowledge of or interest in Progressive Web Apps is a plus. You can see a little of what we are doing at https://browse.pashiontool.com.

Pluses: Full stack Javascript. Progressive Web Apps. Advanced CSS3 skills.

Tagged as: aurelia, CSS3, ES6, HTML5, javascript, polymer, React

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