Full-Stack Lead Developer


Location: East London

Salary: £65,000 to £71,000 plus share options

Opendesk is a fast growing technology and design company. We’re an online furniture brand that’s looking to change the way products are designed and made. What’s different about Opendesk furniture is that it’s designed to be distributed as a digital file, downloaded and made locally through a network of digital fabricators – skilled makers with CNC-machining capabilities.  Through this model we’re already selling locally-made furniture to a range of workspace customers, from startups and SME’s to established international brands like Nike, Google and General Electric.

We’re now looking for an exceptional full-stack Lead Developer to own and oversee our web development work, processes and technical architecture through the next phase of our growth.  In the coming months, we want to focus the business on delivering a great experience to our customers and makers, as well as delivering the internal tools to help our team publish great content, manage enquiries and provide support.

What would I be working on?

As Lead Developer you’d be taking on a key role in the business.  You’ll be working on web and software development, technical architecture and infrastructure, quality and deployment processes.  You’ll be helping us to:

  • simplify and systematise our business, bringing together online / offline components into a single unified framework
  • move more of our user interactions and experience online
  • facilitate the local making of more of our furniture through the development of suitable maker-facing tools

Interfaces we’re aiming to develop include:

  • a quoting & fulfilment dashboard for makers & a dashboard providing the customer’s view on the same process
  • a project planning and visualisation environment for business customers
  • an in-browser customisation tool based on parameterised design models to provide more choice to customers online

What would my responsibilities be?
As Lead Developer you will inherit our existing technical systems and be responsible for building on and improving them, whilst building a team of developers around you that you manage and run. This inheritance includes:

  • a marketing website developed using a Ruby-based CMS, deployed on AWS
  • a publishing and file distribution system developed using the same Ruby CMS
  • a dynamic client application developed using AngularJS
  • a state-machine based marketplace / job fulfilment system developed in Python using SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL, deployed on Heroku

You’d also be expected to take an active involvement in our working culture with:

  • an OKR system to agree roadmap and priorities & chat-based daily standup & weekly and monthly progress / prioritisation meetings
  • strong leadership of a development team we will aim to build around you

What experience and skills do I need?
You need to be an experienced full-stack web developer. This includes craft-skills in and practical experience with:

  • managing code and operational complexity
  • DevOps, server configuration and orchestration. bash and general Unix scripting
    distributed version control & cloud / IAAS / PAAS / hosting platforms
  • databases and data modelling; queues and messaging systems
  • web application development – ideally you’re an experienced Javascript and either Ruby or Python developer but that’s in no way essential initially
  • web APIs and external web-service integrations, website accessibility, performance & content management systems
  • front-end frameworks / patterns – ideally including AngularJS – & techniques and tools to build mobile applications
  • javascript build systems / asset-compilation

Where would I work?
Most of the Opendesk team are based out of our studio in East London (situated along a stretch of Hackney known as the ‘Maker Mile’).  Given the seniority of the Lead Developer role, we’d like you to join us here in London and be based in the office. We feel this is important as you would need to be able to manage a team and work closely with others day to day, including the co-CEO’s.

Who would I be working  with?
As a member of Opendesk you’ll be joining a growing team of 17 individuals – passionate makers, designers, coders and content-creators. We’re a multi-disciplinary and diverse team who share common values – between us we speak no less than 10 languages and we are united by a common set of values and all sign up to a shared Charter.

Please note that a full job spec can be found on our website.

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