Company Background

OfCourse is a rapidly growing online learning platform. We aim to become the prime digital location in the UK for people who want to learn or teach personal development skills online.

We have seen huge demand for people looking  for self improvement (e.g. confidence), to learn about a new skill (e.g. digital marketing) or how to get better at their current job (Excel or presentation skills) to people searching for their vocation (dog grooming to forensic psychology!)

Our learners have the opportunity to learn about these new skills through online courses created by subject matter experts. They gain access to an exclusive community of learners, and the opportunity to certify their new skills.

Our experts have the opportunity to monetise their expertise through charging learners for their courses, based on their level of experience and the length and quality of their course.

The OfCourse Platform

After enjoying considerable success and high engagement levels on our original website, we are in the process of migrating to a new platform that encompasses much of what we have learned about our users.

Our overall aim is to deliver the best possible course experience and relevant recommendations to each student, whilst also providing them with a unique digital location to showcase and share their learning goals and achievements.

Tech Stack / Key Skills

  • Meteor (Node.js, MongoDB)
  • React
  • Javascript

OfCourse Tech Description / Description of skills needed

OfCourse’s online course platform uses bleeding edge modern web development tools focused on user experience to offer user’s a new, exciting way to learn. Our core framework is Meteor which we’ve extended heavily to create new tools which work well with React and let us develop new features fast so good knowledge of the framework or Node.js and an ability to learn fast are required.

OfCourse’s site is focused on user experience so as well as solid back end skills, you’ll need to have a good eye for front end and be deeply familiar with HTML/CSS. Our user facing site uses a custom developed (and well documented!) set of React components and our admin panel uses Material UI to give our team a seamless experience for setting up and managing courses.

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