Join a massive website, and make a massive impact

Salary: £35k – £55k (according to location and exp.)
Holidays: 34 days (incl. bank holidays)
Location: 100% remote (if based in the UK), our London Euston/Kings X head office, or our Folkestone coastal satellite office
Benefits: Bupa, bonuses and much more…(see below!)

We may be a top ten UK media publisher, our websites loved by millions. Yet despite our huge success, we’ve jealously protected our start-up culture over the past 20 years. Which means today, we’re still a company where everyone who joins us gets to make a massive impact.

Our ethos and commercial models are well proven, but staying at the forefront of the fast-paced programmatic advertising industry takes skill, experience — and time!

That’s why we are now looking for permanent, full-time programmatic advertising engineers, who will work directly with our Founder & CEO, driving the company’s commercial success as an industry leader in development and application of programmatic advertising technologies.

About the role

You will join our highly-experienced multi-disciplinary engineering team, working to grow revenues and improve UX on our biggest programmatic advertising challenges for 2017:

  • Programmatic native (ES6, ES5, NodeJS).
  • Header bidding (ES5) integrations and optimisation.
  • Server-to-server bidding (ES6, ES5, NodeJS).
  • Ad format and positioning optimisation.

Our engineers don’t just code. At NewsNow, product development is a team sport. You’d be invited to collaborate with the Founder & CEO, and other members of our engineering team, in conceiving the direction of development efforts, researching and designing the product, and ultimately helping specify your own tasks, as your experience develops.

Projects will generally combine server-side and client-side development, and will always comprise results analysis i.e. it will be part of your responsibilities to demonstrate that the developments undertaken have delivered the desired effect. You’ll also be expected to review other’s code, and there will be opportunities to contribute to client-side web development, and play a role in administering our systems, and keeping NewsNow running 24/7.

You and your skills

For this role you will need:

  • Advanced ES5 and a good grasp of ES6.
  • A good understanding of high-performance NodeJS web services development and familiarity with common NodeJS libraries.
  • Experience of developing complex computer software and/or solving scalability and security problems.
  • A good understanding of the networking performance of modern browsers, or the skills to find out.
  • Excellent debugging skills.
  • SQL and spreadsheet data analysis skills.

Our ideal candidate would also have:

  • Mathematics / data science / computer science (e.g. statistics, probability, machine learning).
  • Familiarity with the Unix command line and bash, dpkg, apt-get and git.
  • Experience of network analysis tools e.g. mtr, tcpdump, tshark.
  • DNS and HTTP.
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

You’re also someone who:

  • Is open to new technologies, but isn’t a slave to them: you relish crafting elegant solutions to hard technical and business problems, using whatever is the best tool for the job.
  • Thrives in a small, open and collaborative team, where the best ideas can come from anyone. You’re confident and articulate about what you know and what you don’t.
  • Is excited about how tech can be used to electronically trade advertising.
  • Lives within a reasonable distance of our London or Folkestone offices, or is comfortable working 100% remotely.

About the company

NewsNow is the UK’s largest independent free-to-web real-time news aggregator. A one-stop shop for news for 15m unique monthly visitors, we aim to be the best site on the web for those seeking news from all the angles. Running stably and profitably since our start in 1997, since 2009 we’ve been experiencing even greater commercial success as an industry leader in programmatic advertising technologies. In February, The Guardian ranked NewsNow among the top ten UK media publishers for news consumed by British people online.

We are always looking for new ways to reward the loyalty of our massive fan-base, and to grow our reach to new people seeking news from all the angles. We are a driver of quality in the news media and today set editorial standards for much of the content we link to.

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary engineering team can afford to run lean. Our compact set-up lets us keep hierarchy and bureaucracy to a minimum. Which means today, we’re still a company where everyone who joins us gets to make a massive impact. In short, we offer all the excitement and agility of a start-up, but with the stability and benefits of an established business.

We run a LAMP stack, which employs mostly OO code in Perl 5, ES5, NodeJS (ES5+ES6), Go, with some C running on Debian Linux, deployed on co-located raw metal and in the cloud. We do our client-side development in HTML5, CSS3, OO JavaScript and jQuery.

NewsNow is also very proud to be the first digital member of the DEC charity’s Rapid Response Network, which helps alert the UK public efficiently to its vital emergency fundraising appeals.

Benefits of working for us include:

  • Fully paid Bupa private health insurance
  • 34 days paid annual leave (incl. bank holidays)
  • Childcare voucher scheme
  • NEST pension scheme
  • Competitive salary + bonuses
  • Macbook
  • Flexible/homeworking
  • Choose your location: strategically located offices in London Euston/Kings X, in Folkestone, or 100% remote
  • Cycle to work
  • Social activities
  • Sabbatical proposals considered after 2 years

Apply now

The deadline for applications is 9am Monday 23 January 2017.