Navico is the global leader in recreational marine electronics and a growing presence in the commercial marine sector. Our brands cater for every recreational customer segment with products including radar, autopilots, entertainment, communication, safety, electronic gauges, sensors, GPS, sonar, and multi-functional displays.

The Navico Cloud Platform
As a member of the Cloud Platform Team, you would help us to:

  • build and operate a massively-scalable, cloud-native, marine IoT telematics platform
  • build and operate scalable, cloud-native microservices including SSO, user identity, and fleet management
  • manage an API gateway and to support, guide, and onboard APIs built by teams across the Navico organisation
  • build and maintain a data warehouse which enables predictive analytics, machine learning, and enhanced reporting/analytical capabilities for the wider Navico organisation

The Navico Cloud Platform is a new initiative within Navico which aims to build, consolidate and operate all APIs and Cloud Services under a single platform providing endless possibilities including:

  • remote monitoring and control of boats and smart devices installed on boats
  • geospatial capabilities including security geo-fencing
  • journey planning and journey replays
  • socially-enhanced boating experiences
  • digital mapping
  • digital aids for competitive fishing

The Navico Cloud Platform Team
In the Navico Cloud Platform Team we strive to create an environment based on five core values:

  • Psychological safety
  • Continuous delivery of customer value
  • Technical excellence
  • Continuous improvement and learning
  • Team autonomy

An environment where everybody feels motivated to share and debate ideas is essential. We don’t make exceptions.

We aim to deploy to production every day, continuously delivering value for our internal and external customers. In order to continuously-deliver, we strive for technical excellence so that code can be easily modified and reliably deployed. We are proponents of TDD (Test-Driven Development), clean code, well-crafted software, pair programming, and a variety of practices that lead to high-quality code.

We are not dogmatic about any practices and are always exploring better ways of working. Continuous learning and improvement is essential for driving business results and personal growth therefore teams have high-levels of autonomy – they own their process, technology, and backlog.

What We’re Looking For
We are looking for software engineers from any background and technology stack who share our values or are open to trying our ways of working. We have chosen C# & .NET Core on Azure as our base technologies, however within the Navico ecosystem a wide variety of technologies are used so a polyglot mindset is highly beneficial.

If you have one or more of the following we would definitely love to hear from you:

  • TDD, pair programming, mob programming, XP
  • An eye for software quality: naming, design principles, patterns, clean code, craft
  • Designing, building, and maintaining highly scalable microservice systems
  • Continuous delivery pipelines
  • Azure, AWS, or GCP
  • Operable systems: metrics, monitoring, logging
  • Databases, both SQL and NoSQL
  • Interested in learning new tools and technologies and sharing learning with colleagues
  • API management gateway experience

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