Everyone deserves a job they love. Makers Academy retrains people as software developers and helps them find that job.

You deserve a job you love. We’ve got one for you.

You want to be more than just an engineer or a manager or a teacher or a consultant: you want to help people learn new skills and behaviours at an unbelievable rate, which will help them change their lives for the better.

You’ll be coaching incredible people, diverse in age, race and gender, from a variety of commercial backgrounds, in our industry-leading engineering training (read our Education Manifesto). You’ll also be building products to automate and scale the delivery of that training.

You’ll have complete freedom to act in a way that you believe is the best for the company. You’ll have a genuine say in the way the business is run, and the environment in which you work.

When you’re coaching, you’ll be:

  • preparing and delivering skills workshops;
  • running breakouts on particular topics;
  • working individually with students;
  • facilitating group code reviews;
  • improving the curriculum;
  • providing moral support.

When you’re engineering, you’ll:

  • help us double the number of students we coach in a year;
  • help us increase the proportion of our students who find jobs they love to more than 90%;
  • carve out a niche for yourself in the company: “This is what I’m doing, this is how I want to grow, who’s with me?”

When you’re not doing those things, you’ll be:

  • working in a company that’s pushing the limits of self-management, experimenting with which company structure is best for the information age and beyond – read our blogs on self-management and setting our own salaries;
  • deepening your programming skills, both by coaching others and by building stuff;
  • playing PS4, N64, Catan, Carcassonne, Magic: the Gathering, backgammon, Nerf wars, or your favourite game (teach us!);
  • surrounded by a diverse group of incredibly smart, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our students, for our hiring partners and for each other.

We’re the best at what we do, according to our clients (both students and employers), our competitors (they all admit it), industry bodies, the press and the government. We can only get better by working with you.

Everyone should have a job they love. Including you.


  • Location: Our academy in Spitalfields, London; or remotely (preferably in …)
  • Salary: High market rate for an engineer; twice market rate for a teacher. (You set your own salary, by the way.)
  • Hours: You choose
  • Holiday: Unlimited, paid
  • Hierarchy: Makers Academy is a company built on trust, rather than fear. That has variously been described as self-management, teal, holacracy and emergent hierarchy.

About Makers Academy
Makers Academy is a fully immersive, full-time computer programming bootcamp, designed to turn people with no knowledge of web-development into job-ready junior developers in just 12 weeks. We’re Europe’s #1 Developer Bootcamp, running cohorts of our Onsite course every 6 weeks, and our Remote course every 12 weeks.

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