We’re looking for a full-time developer to aid our team in producing fantastic web experiences at our offices in central London.
Ideally we’re looking for someone with at least two year’s experience of working in a professional development environment. Salary will be based on experience.

About you
You will be joining a team of passionate programmers, each with their own ideas about technology but all with the same love of development.

Test driven
Not to be mistaken with test driven development, although we will come to that later. You’ll need a test driven attitude to all the work you undertake at Lighthouse, this is a sentiment that is mirrored throughout the company.

Passion and pride
You refer to lines of your code as cool and tell anyone that will listen about your latest design pattern triumph.

With countless new languages/frameworks/patterns appearing every month, some branded better than others, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. You’ll have an open mind and be able to choose the right technology to fit the situation.

About your skills
All the developers at Lighthouse have an eclectic mix of technical skills that determine what projects they undertake and who to pester for advice. This leaves the field open for you to find your place in the team and own it.

On the backend we work in PHP and MySQL using frameworks like CakePHP 3, Laravel and every now and then throwing something together ourselves. On the frontend we have knowledge of a range of the 100s of JavaScript frameworks/libraries including Backbone, JQuery and Angular.

Nothing is set in stone with regards to the technology we use, the main thing is that every choice is justified and supported.

Test driven development
It’s the big buzz words at the moment but it’s worth it. You will understand the time and place for testing and the benefits it brings. Even if you don’t have knowledge of it in practice you will be open to giving it a try and we will be there to support you.

You will be required to gather requirements work with clients throughout scoping and estimate projects. Not running in head first is usually a good idea.

Branch, add, commit, push and merge! You will have knowledge of git and accompanying patterns that allow you to quickly become part of the team and get that first commit in.

Improve with us
We’re always trying to learn new skills and regularly refresh our workflow to include new ideas and deliverables.

We’re ambitious but the environment is relaxed and sociable. The only thing we demand is that you never stop learning and trying to make the next project better than the last. We’ll give you the independence and support to produce your best work.

Since being set up 7 years ago by a designer and a developer Lighthouse has grown into a highly adaptable and flexible team of talented people. We’re not huge but have a big mix of skills allowing us to take projects from concept through to design and development pushing out excellent work and constantly striving to better ourselves.

Starting out as a web design and development studio we’ve changed a little over the years. While we still work with clients to create awesome websites a large part of our business is now spent working with startups to build bespoke digital products creating new online businesses and helping entrepreneurs take their ideas to market.

The boring small print
You must be a UK resident and available to work in our London office on a full-time basis. Salary is negotiable and will be based on skills and experience.

Sorry, but we are not interested in hearing from recruitment agencies. All enquiries will be ignored.

Apply now!

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