Job Title: Android Developer
Manager: Head of Mobile Development
Compensation: Competitive Salary

Laundrapp is a truly unique environment. We mix convenience with high quality cleaning and since our successful UK launch in 2015, we’ve grown to over 50 towns and cities across the UK. Now, we’re ready to take on the rest of the world too.

We’re seeking a talented Android Developer to become our team’s Android specialist.

This role is highly UI focussed, requiring a Material Design guru who has kept up with the latest features added in Lollipop and beyond. We’re talking view shadows, the RecyclerView, drawable animation and styling effects and material design animation and activity transition effects.

We also want you to take responsibility for our product on Android by bringing your own suggestions about how we can improve the quality of our Android app and ensuring our customers are receiving the best possible experience on the Android platform.

Building and maintaining an app across platforms is tricky business. A lot of businesses take the non-native route, but at Laundrapp native look and feel is really important to us so we make the effort to maintain separate native apps on Android and iOS.

That doesn’t mean we don’t share any code between the two platforms though. We maintain a cross platform SDK, written in Java, which handles the model, networking and persistence storage – everything apart from the UI. We use a transcompiler to make the SDK platform independent. It has the added bonus of keeping our codebase highly modular and testable.

All this means we want each member of the team to specialise in their respective technology and take ownership of the code they are writing and maintaining. As the Android developer you’ll be the authority on Android Studio, Dalvik/ART, and all things Android.


  • Architect, implement and maintain an Android app
  • Ensure the quality of our app and use your initiative to lead the business on all things Android
  • Implement beautiful user interfaces and eye-popping effects
  • Assist the UX team in employing Android best practises in their designs
  • Rapidly create prototypes, synthesise feedback and develop a production quality app


  • 5+ years Android development experience with range of apps in the Play Store
  • 8+ years programming experience
  • Examples of apps in the Play Store with modern, great looking UIs you built
  • Strong understanding of GIT version control
  • Experience of working in high paced start ups
  • Great communication skills and clear spoken English
  • Ruby / Calabash experience desirable
  • We would like to invite candidates to find out more about Laundrapp at laundrapp.com/working-for-laundrapp and most importantly try the service! Feedback is important to us and we’ll often ask interviewees on their impressions of the service and improvements that can be made.

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