Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Prototype then build features, working together with the design and product teams
  • Build responsive, accessible features that work across multiple platforms
  • Work on a user-facing product used by millions of people
  • Hack on things and not be afraid to innovate to get the job done
  • Improve journeys on the site, with a user focus
  • Maintain and update style guides as new interface problems are solved or designs changed
  • Have many opportunities to be inventive, and have your ideas expanded into full features
  • Hone your skills by drawing on the strengths of your colleagues
  • Solve the unique problems that come with a website that operates at such a large scale, such as performance, A/B testing, service architecture and lazy-loading
  • Gather hard evidence to support your ideas


  • Professional with several years of experience
  • Willing to tackle the hard problems first
  • Proud to work to a high standard
  • Able to put yourself in the shoes of many different users
  • The skills for the job – HTML, CSS, Javascript and some imagination
  • Strong experience with Python/Django or something comparable
  • Solid understanding of how to build and optimise sites that are accessed across different platforms and devices
  • Enough Linux experience to get by
  • Experience with version control (Subversion / Git)


  • Feel comfortable with Test Driven Development
  • Have worked with mobile apps or other non-web interfaces
  • Have a keen eye for graphical and/or interaction design
  • Mash-up APIs in your spare time
  • Know how to conduct user testing sessions
  • Know your factory from your singleton, and when not to use either
  • Know how to set up effective experiments in Google Analytics

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