About the company

We are a fast growing SaaS startup based in Liverpool Street, with a mission to tackle the ‘Housing Crisis’. Our product vastly improves the process of finding land to build new homes on, and it’s loved by hundreds of experienced property developers as well as a range of people who are new to the industry.

Given our strong sales record over the past couple of years, we are now financially secure for the foreseeable future. We intend to capitalize on this, expanding outside of England and Wales to the rest of the UK and beyond.  Expansion of this kind will be a new challenge for the company, and you will no doubt have a big part to play in terms of decision making and problem solving along the way.

Our core values are ‘open’, ‘empower’ and ‘home’, and we aspire to live them in all we do.  We certainly care about each other and the company that we are building, and anyone who joins us on this journey can expect a warm welcome and plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Recent Awards:

  • Top 10 SaaS Companies to work for – Sales Confidence, 2018
  • Excellence in People Development – PropTech, 2018
  • Fastest growing Business – PropTech, 2018
  • PlaceTech startups – PlaceTech, 2018

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Your mission

At the heart of our product is open data, which we pull in from a wide range of sources.  Our customers expect the data to be up to date, accurate, and intelligently integrated into our platform.

The datasets typically contain 1-30 million items. In some cases this is nice and clean at the point we receive it, but in other cases we have to use a combination of machine-learning and hand-crafted algorithms to extract metadata from plain text or pdfs.  Also, since most of our data is geospatial, we focus a lot on geocoding data accurately and joining across geospatial datasets.

In this role, you will first need to assess the infrastructure we currently have, as built by our full-stack engineers. You will then plan how to migrate towards a more robust system, this includes building tools and processes that will empower our remote contractors to keep a check on, and maintain, parts of the system (e.g. scrapers).  Importantly, the new system will need to be flexible as we add new datasets and squeeze more meaning from existing datasets.

A second aspect of the role will be working with geospatial data generated by our users. This part of the business is more in its infancy, but we have grand ambitions for it and would want you to aid in the decision making, even if not working on the implementation yourself.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Developing (improving existing and/or creating new) interfaces and/or pipelines to facilitate data collection.
  • Identifying, debugging and fixing issues. This includes liaising with other technical/non-technical staff.
  • Working closely with remote colleagues (technical and non-technical) who also work on data projects
  • Improving our algorithms that derive data from the incoming datasets.
  • Educating our full-stack engineers to be better data engineers.

What we require from you:

  • You are highly competent in one or more programming languages (5+ years experience)
  • You are able to reason about the behaviour of systems before starting to build them
  • You have built a variety of data processing/management systems
  • You have experience with various data visualisation and business intelligence systems
  • You are a clear communicator in both written and verbal forms.

Experience with any of the following technologies would be a major bonus:

  • AWS
  • NodeJS (or simply JavaScript)
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres
  • Elasticsearch
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • ScrapingHub

Our culture

Our values are ‘open’, ‘empower’ and ‘home’ and we regularly hold ourselves accountable to these. The people who work here feel that they are challenged, but also feel like they have the environment and tools to succeed.

We truly believe that businesses flourish when people work collaboratively. That’s why we prioritise team building and facilitation. We are in constant contact with the company founders, so are able to learn about the conception of and running of a tech startup that is scaling. We run weekly sessions to ensure every voice is heard and empowered to grow and contribute.

We don’t just make empty gestures about our culture – we were voted as the 3rd best UK SaaS Company to work at, and have also received awards for ‘Diversity Advocate’ and ‘Best at Employee Development’.

Why work for us?

  • Flexible working hours
  • Professional and personal training budget
  • Competitive salary and equity options
  • 25 days paid holiday (additional to bank holidays)
  • Unlimited unpaid holidays
  • Dog friendly office
  • Loads of social events, including a quarterly away day, an annual ski trip and monthly socials
  • Gym and wellness contributions, and a cycle to work scheme
  • Dedication to hiring for cultural fit, so you know you’re going to be sitting next to someone who you want to grab a beer/glass of prosecco with (usually at the free WeWork bar we have available after 2pm every day!)

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