We’re a startup based in Clerkenwell, London. There are four people working here (five soon). You would be numero six. But we pack a punch, and with the background, skills and experience of the team, we’re taking on a big challenge: the ‘Housing Crisis’.

We believe that by using technology to crack open the land market like a Christmas walnut, we’re in the process of making a big business that will unlock the land needed on which more houses can be built. This vision is backed the same investors behind Love Film, TransferWise, Zoopla, Shazaam and Property Partner. Real issues, real tech, underpinned by a real economic opportunity.

We hold it in high importance to build a team. In working for us you’ll be in constant contact with the company founders, so you’ll be in environment where you can learn about the conception of and running of a startup company that is scaling up. More so, you’ll be invited into the vision. Goalposts move all the time, we need help from other bright people that can build on the firm foundations we’ve put in place. This isn’t just a Developer role, this is a creative role. Adopt our (proverbial) child, and help to mould and grow it. In return, we’ll stretch you and give you the space to thrive.

It is important for our employees to be people we want to spend a lot of time sitting next to and therefore we’ve often found ourselves parting company to hit the last tube when work turned into a beer. London is a great city, your work should not stifle your enjoyment of this. It should be part of what makes your life here good.

Why you want to work for us, in bullet form. You will:

  • Be able to create
  • Have the space to be stretched and challenged – help us solve some hard problems
  • Be in constant contact with the people who make the decisions, and become one of those people
  • Be part of the discussion of where this company goes
  • Get a work life balance. We want you to be able to perform at your best
  • Get equity (succeed with us!)

As for the technical side of the role:

We work with Mongodb, PostgreSQL, Nodejs, Backbone, Vue. You’ll touch everything at some point, but knowledge in all these areas isn’t critical.

About you:

  • You will probably have a technical degree and at least year of professional development experience
  • You want to help us make a big business and own part of it
  • This sounds better to you than making another ‘Facetagram’

Please get in touch!

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