Most marketing sucks. Bland, generic messages pumped into your eyeballs, at best “tailored” to you using your star-sign and postcode.

Our vision at Idio is to power the perfect conversation. We harness big data, natural language processing, and machine learning to help brands communicate with us, their customers, better. Over the last six years we have raised significant capital from highly regarded VCs and individuals, and have improved the lives of customers for brands such as JP Morgan, Vitality, and Intel. We now employ around 40 people in London and New York.

Idio’s 11-person engineering team is headquartered in London, just off Great Portland Street, and includes remote workers in Bristol, Canada, and Germany. Three of the team are R&D Engineers, whose primary focus is our natural language processing engine. The rest of the team are responsible for everything else: from our real-time event processing pipeline built in Python, Storm, and Cassandra; to the product’s web UI written in PHP, MySQL, and Elasticsearch.

Get your bingo cards ready: Scrum, Git Flow, Code Reviews, Continuous Integration, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, DevOps, (inhale), AWS, Docker, Github, Scala, Ruby, Chef, node.js. Just for good measure: Table Football, Free Lunch Friday, Wednesday Wings, Hack Days. These are just a selection of many words you might hear in the office / read on HipChat.


  • Have a solid grasp of software engineering principles, and have honed your skills in industry over the last few years
  • Are excited about learning and working with different tech stacks. We approach problems pragmatically, and aren’t afraid to introduce new tech if it’s the right thing to do
  • Champion unfiltered debate. We have weekly team meetings with completely open agendas: questioning, open discussion, and constant improvement are important to us
  • Get your hands dirty and self-start. I can’t promise you the perfect on-boarding, but I can promise you an open and helpful team environment
  • Understand that start-ups take effort. We maintain good work-life balances, but every now and then we’ll need all hands on deck for a 3am database upgrade
  • Will report directly to the CTO, and will work in a team of bright, motivated, and occasionally hilarious software engineers
  • Will get a competitive salary, stock options, a MacBook Pro, and zero judgement if you choose to install Ubuntu on it

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