giffgaff is a little different to your ‘normal’ telecoms company. It’s a mobile and money business owned by Telefonica, but run by its members. Sounds interesting? It is.

We want people to love what they do and love what giffgaff is all about. It’s important to feel that way, especially in this energetic and competitive market. Us folk at giffgaff are a spirited and disruptive bunch, not every now and then but everyday. Yes, even on Monday mornings. Each and every person, who comes and works at giffgaff must believe that we are a David amongst Goliaths in Mobile-land. And much like David, we are successfully making a positive change.


giffgaff is moving from a monolithic application to a microservice based architecture, from fixed infrastructure to the cloud. Did you notice that lower case ‘g’ at the start of the sentence? Great, you’ll need that attention to detail.

Are you keen to deliver great software to delight our members? To help drive us into a world of continuous deployment? Are you patient enough to realise that this doesn’t happen overnight and we will need to keep the business running while we do it? But, most of all, do you want to build the future?

We are looking for agile software developers with passion and energy, a strong desire to learn and improve and a commitment to testing and excellence. You’ll have to make tough decisions, implement best practice and provide compromises when situations are not ideal.

Oh and you’ll need to explain that to people. Not just the technical ones. Because we work in product teams where not everyone is a tech guy. It’s fun, you get closer to the business and know more about why we do what we do, not just how.


You’re passionate about giffgaff and about our members, right? So you’ll want to make sure your code is good by testing it thoroughly before release. But you’ll also want to release and deploy it as soon as possible and get feedback, so you’ll want to make sure that the process is as lean as it can possibly be and change it when it isn’t. And we imagine you probably want to make sure that those around you are doing their best too, so you’ll help them when they need it or when you spot something that could be improved. You might have just come out of uni, or you might have been coding since it was done on tapes (and no, we mean even before C15s).

If this is how your friends and colleagues describe you, we should be meeting.


You have a strong desire to deliver quality software with a collaborative attitude and lean mindset. You’ve probably used some kind of agile or lean methodology-we’d love to hear about your experience with it, whatever it may be.

And let’s talk tech! Is Java a coffee choice or a way of life? Ever built something cool in PHP or AngularJS? Do you like fixed infrastructure that stays in one place or the flexibility of the cloud, be that AWS or another flavour? Are you structured and enterprise in your database choices or is there NoSQL in your storage cannon?

And how do you like to build your software? We like to test first, but we’re still getting better at it. Ever worn an “I broke the build hat”? We try not to break the build, no one likes hats.

We do put our code in GitHub though-we don’t want to lose it.

Talking of not losing anything, we have our members’ best interests at heart so as well as thinking testing first, you will also be very security conscious and aware of what needs a 21 st century ecommerce platform has.

But we can be better, and that’s where you’ll help! With strong API knowledge and experience, message queues and workflow engines, Linux knowledge and scripting, or something that puts all of this to technical shame, you’ll want to get involved, share it and learn together. We have a great culture that we are proud of and in which everyone is expected to play a part.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, come and be a part of it today!

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