Fuze is a mobile app designed to make the sharing and connecting of your social networks easier and hassle free. Your entire library of social networks are all rolled together in one profile that’s easy to share. No more searching Facebook for the correct person, or asking that person for multiple usernames for the various networks you wish to add them to. Add them once to Fuze and you’ll be connected to them on all the networks they are active on. There are many additional features in the pipeline, including some that would could generate substantial revenue (not from annoying in-app ads), this would be discussed should you be interested in becoming a part of this exciting start-up.

A little bit about me; I’m Billy and I had the idea for this project several months ago. In that time I’ve designed the UI/UX in Sketch, put a prototype together (using Marvel), built a basic website and carried out extensive research into the market. So far the app has been based on iOS but it would be great to eventually bring the app to Android too. I have been learning coding myself to get things going but this is a slow process and the company would need a dedicated developer to grow. It’s also a lot more fun to work on a project with someone else on board!

Fuze did begin it’s life with a cofounder who joined to take care of development, but due to personal issues which prevented him from having the time to work on the app he has now left the company by mutual agreement. Rather than give up on the idea I have decided to look for a new co-founder CTO. I strongly believe in the idea and the opportunities it can deliver.

The attributes we are looking for in this role include:

  • A genuine interest in startups and this project in particular.
  • iOS/Mobile development skills (eg. Swift)
  • Spare time to work on a startup

At present we can’t offer a salary; as mentioned this is a very early stage start-up. But it has great potential; by becoming a co-founder of Fuze, equity in the company could bring in big rewards once the app is released and generating revenue. Eventually this could become a full time job but at these beginning stages just a bit of spare time is all we need.

If this sounds appealing I’d love to hear from you and share some more details on the project! If you have a portfolio, CV or just some general info on your development experience that’d be great to see also.

I’m based just outside of London and whilst the project could be worked on remotely I would like to arrange an initial meeting and follow up meetings from time to time.

No agencies please.

Thanks for your interest,


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