Fundflow is on a mission to empower millions of entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive where traditional financial establishment have let them down. Our platform processes invoices, detects fraud, predicts and analyses financial risk, all in real time. As a software engineer, you will build and expand our platform and APIs that will help our customers flourish in the face of a challenging economic climate and slow-moving, antiquated financial institutions.

Technology is the beating heart of our business and how we provide value to our customers. We are building a performant, robust, scalable financial software platform and we need your help to build more of it! You will join us in our small, cross-functional, collaborative engineering team of product managers, front-end and backend engineers to rapidly and reliably deliver value to our customers as we continue to grow.

We’re looking for enthusiastic and experienced engineers with a strong background or interest in building successful products or systems; you’re comfortable embracing new technologies and systems; you have a great eye for detail; and you’re comfortable in getting your hands dirty when needed!

You will be:

  • Working on the core transactional platform
  • Working on new microservices for data connectivity
  • Helping us build an elite engineering team, improving engineering standards, tooling and processes

You may be a good fit for this role if:

  • Have 3 or more years experience in backend development in Java or other JVM based languages. Our backend system is mostly written in Java, using the Vert.x tool-kit, but as we go forwards this may mean that we expand to using more languages. What we care about most of all is your general engineering skill, rather than your mastery of Java.
  • Have experience with design of and integration with REST based APIs. You will be building our own REST based APIs, as well as integrating with a number of external REST APIs from partners and data providers, so you’ll need to know the difference between your PUT and your PATCH!
  • Are familiar with IT security concepts and best practices. We are a financial service platform, so security is at the heart of all of our development practices and processes. It’s important that you hold yourselves to the same standards as we do when it comes to our data and services.
  • Are a proponent of test driven development. We’re passionate about quality, and we’re looking for engineers that share our values. All of our engineers are responsible for testing their code to maintain the quality and stability of our codebases.
  • Are passionate about agile software development. We follow a fairly strict Kanban process, and are always looking to improve and streamline our development processes so that we can deliver value to our customers as quickly and reliably as we can. We’re not like a lot of financial institutions; we believe in continuous delivery, compact development cycles and transparency.
  • Have worked with Docker or other containerisation technologies.
  • Are familiar with microservice architectures.

It would be awesome if you:

  • Have development experience of Vert.x 3.x. Our backend platform uses the Vert.x toolkit extensively, so if you have been building Vert.x applications (or Vert.x web applications), then we’d be really excited!
  • Have experience in building reactive event based systems, as this is at the core of what we’re building.
  • Have experience working with non-relational databases. We’re currently using MongoDB as part of our platform.
  • Have a background or interest in machine learning or data architecture. An important part of our business is assessing risk, which means looking at data, lots of it! Our machine learning algorithms and data are a core part of our business, and will be an important part of some of the work you’ll be doing.
  • Have experience in developing financial software, and are aware of all of the challenges that come with it!

You might work on:

  • Building a new API for our customers, or iterate on an existing APIs
  • Integrating with external data providers to enhance our customer experience or risk prediction capabilities
  • Work with our data science team to develop and deploy new financial risk models
  • Enhancing our underlying transactional platform to improve its performance, scalability and robustness

What’s great about working here:

  • We’re an early stage startup, and you’ll be a key part of our success story
  • A fantastic opportunity to shape the company both technically and culturally
  • You’ll be entitled to an equity package
  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Access to technical training and conferences
  • Budget and opportunity for travel, both between our Berlin and London offices, and elsewhere
  • A fun, relaxed working environment. We’re based at TechHub in London, with a lot of other technology startups, which means you’ll be part of a close-knit community, as well as having access to regular beer and pizza nights, ping pong and foosball of course!
  • Challenging technical problems that will help you to continuously improve
  • A founding team that cares about your personal and technical development

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