Freetrade is disrupting the investment industry with true zero-commission stockbroking in a modern app-only offering.


You are a polyglot engineer who has experience and interest in computer science and a range of technologies across the stack. You care about quality, code craft and take pride in the work you produce. You are hands-on and collaborative. You are a fast learner and are not afraid to work with new technologies and develop a deep understanding of the business domain.


Work directly with stakeholders to deliver a compelling holistic technical solution taking ownership of and initiative on significant parts of the platform

You have experience with some of the technologies in our stack and are keen to learn more. Our stack comprises a mix of technologies:

Node.js, Kotlin, Java, OpenAPI, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Serverless, Spring Boot,  OAuth 2.0, Spark, BigQuery, Kotlin, Javascript, Reactive Streams

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