At Karhoo, we are creating the largest and most transparent marketplace for ground transportation: the Karhoo Mobility Exchange.

By aggregating ground transport around the world, with regulated/licensed taxi and PHV fleets, we will give greater choice to consumers and corporates alike, bring new opportunities and data for the private and public sector, and help to enable ‘smart cities’ for citizens everywhere.

Karhoo, the first fully-integrated global, neutral, booking platform for regulated Taxis and PHVs was bought out of administration in January 2017, funded by RCI Bank and Services, the financial services provider for the Groupe Renault brands in the world and for the Nissan Group brands mainly in Europe.

RCI Bank and Services operates at the crossroads of three challenging worlds: cars, banking and services and is backing Karhoo via Flit Technologies Ltd, a new venture funded by RCI Bank and Services.

We believe in the easy scalability and efficiency that our technology brings, giving our clients a unique end-to-end solution that will give them the chance of more customers.

Quality Assurance
Here at Karhoo we distinguish between quality assurance and testing.  We’re looking to build a whole team mentality approach to quality assurance whereby everyone involved in product development and delivery is responsible for quality, not just the test team!

Our approach in test is quality assistance, not just quality assurance.  So what does our test team do?

We’re looking for motivated individuals who can, in the short term protect our customers and in the long term help educate developers through critical analysis, exploratory testing and an deep understanding of both functional and nonfunctional testing to our development delivery process to strive for production quality code first time around, thus reducing the age-old trade-off between time, cost and quality and further reduce the feedback loop dependencies between development and test.

If you’re looking for a opportunity to join a fast paced startup that promotes an environment for  collaborative culture and growth striving to delivering production quality code first time around then look no further!

Software Development Engineer in Test
Location: London
As a Software Development Engineer in Test you should be a motivated and passionate software test engineer with a high attention to detail with a professional, methodical and technical approach to software test development, architecture and automated testing.

Working within the technologies department you will be writing and defining automated API tests, load, performance, stress and security tests as part of a continuous delivery and integration pipeline to ensure our builds, on a per release and code level change basis, pass acceptance level tests. In addition to this you will be involved in the project lifecycle from the concept stages to final release, where your input will help shape and influence software development through exploratory testing and critical analysis to protect the customer and educating the developer to achieve production quality code first time around and build a culture of quality.

As a Software Development Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the test layer between our micro-serviced backend and APIs, supporting the development efforts through critical analysis and exploratory testing, executing test schedules as well as providing constructive feedback throughout the development lifecycle, so technical knowledge, confidence and excellent communication skills are essential.

Core Duties:

  • Work as part of a small team of test engineers alongside the development team
  • Ensure code changes and build releases are being covered with automated acceptance and regression test to the highest quality both in terms of defect mitigation and application experience
  • Work closely with project stakeholders to prioritise and solve bugs and deliver feedback
  • Support in the creation, maintenance and implementation of dedicated automated test suites and associated test cases
  • As part of the development process define and write new test scripts, maintain existing test scripts to ensure any new features of product changes are covered during automated acceptance and regression tests
  • Investigating failing test scripts, diagnose, quarantine and investigate as appropriate to ensure a continual process of development and deployment
  • Testing content to ensure it is free of bugs and stable as well as ensuring test teams are working to high standards
  • Review other engineers reports and test scripts offering advice as is necessary
  • Responsible for supporting multi­tester projects, delegating to others within their capabilities when required and providing constructive feedback where necessary
  • Creating and executing project work planning and revising as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements
  • Providing reports and risk assessments to the Head of Quality Assurance, development and production teams where necessary
  • Analysing product content and provide relevant, constructive and varied feedback in order to maintain the highest level of quality
  • Providing reports on the outcome of each test suite
  • Supporting in the creation of documented test cases/test plans and implementing these
  • Ensuring relevant project test suites have been created/maintained and are up to date prior to test
  • Supporting the training and mentoring of subordinates
  • Investigating bugs, documenting and submitting them to development teams and test the fixes
  • Fostering a healthy development and test culture through exploratory testing, critical thinking and analysis to achieve production quality code first time around
  • Adhering to development process best practices such as branching, code reviews and code health

Essential Skills:

  • Take ownership of building and maintaining an automated test framework layer (i.e. Dredd, RestAssured, Pytest, GinkGo + GoMega, Frisby) that supports our development platform and supported development languages GoLang / Python
  • Familiar with TDD and BDD software development approach to testing
  • Firm understanding of gRPC and REST testing
  • Solid understanding of API framework tools such as Apiary and Swagger
  • Experienced scripting in Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, GoLang
  • Load and performance tools i.e. Locust.io and Apache JMeter
  • Experienced working with continuous deployment, integration and build/deployment tools e.g. CircleCI, Jenkins, Bamboo,
  • Collaborative code repositories such as Bitbucket, Github etc..

Essential Requirements:

  • Knowledge and experience of issue tracking/project management tools
  • Experience in test script, test case, test suite and test plan creation
  • Logically perform structured approach to critical analysis and exploratory testing
  • Quickly and methodically detect and log issues and track their progress
  • Excellent bug tracking skills and analytical attitude towards work
  • Excellent understanding of the QA lifecycle
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the in-­application systems, mechanics and content
  • Demonstrate an expert knowledge of the design, life cycle and development process
  • Demonstrable experience within QA automated testing
  • Ability to create, maintain and review strong test suites
  • Superb bug tracking skills and analytical attitude towards work
  • Strong time management, accountability and organisational skills

Personal Qualities

  • Very strong verbal/written communication skills & excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent judgment skills and team working abilities
  • Strong time management, accountability and organisational skills
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and self motivated with a strong work ethic
  • A proactive and driven attitude towards QA and ability to work under pressure
  • Demonstrable ability to self-­manage and be organised with a strong work ethic
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills & excellent attention to detail
  • Strong commercial awareness, with an understanding of business priorities
  • Confidence to manage the needs and demands of multiple development teams
  • Highly adaptable and capable of working in a high pressure environment

Desirable Requirements:

  • Experience with Agile (Scrum)
  • Advanced science related degree is a plus but not essential
  • An understanding of testing Machine Learning algorithms within a Big Data environment

Company Benefits

  • WeWork office space and perks (free beer on tap!)
  • Private medical and travel insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life assurance – £150,000 per life
  • Full time employee shares

Closing date: 3 October 2017

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