Founded in 2020, FITFILE is a fast-growing data technology company with the single-minded purpose of transforming the scale and value of health data usage. Our mission is to deliver safer, faster and better health data at any scale to improve the lives of humans everywhere.

FITFILE’s globally unique combination of unique capabilities combines a decentralised approach to data access and computation with the widest possible range of de-identification and highly sophisticated data linkage technology. For example, FITFILE is unique in its ability to irreversibly anonymise any individual’s data before linking it with that individual’s data from any other source.  This creates a critically required united view across sources without transferring personal information outside of its original setting.

FITFILE’s highly experienced team is now accelerating the commercialisation of a suite of innovative products for life science, payor and health system customers in the UK and Europe against limited competition. The company will be a major player in supercharging an addressable market estimated to grow quickly to at least $20bn by 2026, and we’re looking for capable, motivated and collaborative professionals to help drive this growth.

Your critically important role would include:

  • Coding 60-70% of the time (we try to keep Tuesdays and Thursdays meeting free)
  • Leading/ collaborating with the team on architectural designs and decisions
  • Collaborating with product and the business on new feature designs
  • Being a voice for technical excellence in the team
  • Ensuring quality is baked into what we develop
  • Presenting to the business what’s been done and what’s recommended to do next
  • Inputting on planning and prioritisation decisions
  • Meeting UK-based colleagues in person (every fortnight)

You know your way around:

  • Automation of cloud infrastructure with Terraform & Kubernetes
  • Architecting scalable software
  • Server-side software (Typescript)
  • Testing frameworks
  • Observability & monitoring (Grafana)
  • Working with data processing and data pipelines (Argo/ Python)

Your colleagues would say you are:

  • A great communicator
  • Involved in architectural decisions
  • An advocate for developer excellence
  • Excellent at code reviews
  • Diligent, hard-working, detail-oriented and passionately dedicated to what you do

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