We are the best place to work that you’ve never heard of! We are one of the leading price comparison companies; millions use our services to compare and switch energy, telecoms and broadband providers.

We are self-owned, always profitable (with 10+ years behind us) and the development team is located in Southwark with excellent connections from Waterloo, London Bridge and Blackfriars.

Well-known brands like Compare the Market and Barclays Bank use our services to help millions save each year on their domestic energy bills. They, like us, use our powerful energy comparison engine delivered by a RESTful API.

Also, we developed a high volume public facing website and our own call centre application for our substantial call centre capability (in both the UK and India).

We’re seeking people like you to strengthen our team because we have many exciting new projects in the pipeline.

Why work for us?

You will be part of a talented team where individual responsibility is expected, collaborative working is critical and quality is baked in from the beginning.

A lot of what we believe in comes from XP practices:

  • specify features between developers, QAs and the business
  • deliver features iteratively
  • write code test first, and then refactor once the tests are passing
  • pair programming
  • continuously integrate and manage our build pipeline using TeamCity
  • deploy our code automatically using Octopus
  • aspire to write clean, understandable code that is easy to read and maintain

All of this enables us to work almost exclusively on new functionality at a sustainable pace and sleep at night.

Of course we’re not perfect! As good as things are they can always be better so the whole team conducts regular retrospectives and we even do the work to implement the suggestions.

Continuing to sharpen the saw

We believe that the employee-employer relationship is a two way street. We will give you the inspiration, environment and tools to do your job to the best of your ability:

  • weekly 20% time; every Wednesday for you to work on professional development
  • individual budget of £2000 per year for training and conferences
  • provide Pluralsight and Safari Flow subscriptions
  • latest development tools and environments

About the role

As a member of our talented cross-functional development team, you will:

  • have the opportunity to shape our products alongside our QAs and product owners
  • spend most of your time coding, not in meetings
  • have responsibility for automated testing and write and maintain tests at all levels
  • improve the systems that you work on as you go
  • play an active role in improving what we do

About you

We are looking for engaged developers who are interested in improving their skills and their craft. You may not be the finished article, but being able to demonstrate your desire to improve is a big plus for us.

We have a strong C# and JavaScript bias in our stack at the moment, but we’re happy to accept good people so long as they have strong object oriented or functional programming skills. And you:

  • are committed to test driven development; you’ll believe in it and use it everyday
  • have a real interest in the programming craft, demonstrated by undertaking personal projects, attending conferences or community events, and reading the relevant literature
  • have commercial experience crafting and developing high quality code
  • be open to sharing your knowledge with colleagues

Interesting things we’ve been up to recently

There is always lots of interesting things going on. Some of the things we’ve worked on recently have included:

  • implementing a CQRS/Event sourced core domain used across applications
  • building a RESTful HATEOAS Richardson Maturity Level 3 API
  • rewriting our publicly available site using AngularJS consuming our RESTful API (check it out at [http://www.energyhelpline.com])
  • automating rolling deployments for key applications
  • optimising our website using a data-driven, A/B testing approach

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