We’re a major mobile marketing startup, and we’re building a new adserving platform. It’s going to deliver premium, full-screen, brand-safe mobile ad placements for massive brands you’ve definitely heard of. We’re looking for a software engineering dynamo with form and character who can deliver high quality, working solutions on aggressive timelines.

This is a permanent role in a completely new technical team. The new platform is a (mostly) greenfield project, and you’ll be responsible for building the APIs and third party integrations for the Campaign Management System, a tool that will be used by operational teams to monitor and manage active campaigns.

You should have a DevOps or back-end engineering background, and a history of building complex cloud-based APIs and services from scratch. We like people who do everything to the best of their ability, but accept their limits. We value self improvement, honesty, humility and curiosity tempered with a healthy skepticism.

The problems we’re trying to solve can be tough, and no one person has all the answers. But we’re excited to try and find solutions as a team, and you should be too. Ingenuity and intellectual flexibility are as important as technical expertise.

We’re a team of doers, not delegators. Since you’ll be a part of a new technical team, this is an opportunity to be creative, both from an architectural/design and development standpoint.  We want you to help select the technology stack, define the development and release pipeline, and even set the team culture. We’ve decided on Node.js and serverless where possible, but the rest is down to the team.

In terms of technical stuff, we require:

  • Expertise building complex and efficient cloud-based APIs and services using Node.js
  • Experience with DevOps-related issues such as identity management, security, provisioning and scaling, pipelines and toolchains
  • Confident communication; good written and spoken English
  • Creative, flexible, opinionated but easy to get on with, pragmatic and understands that getting a viable solution into the hands of our customers on time is of utmost importance.

If that sounds like you…

Please drop us an email to jobs@endian.io. We don’t need anything fancy, just tell us who you are, attach a CV or a good LinkedIn profile, and definitely include some links to code you’ve written.

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