As a senior software engineer, you’ll be involved in the development of new client-facing features as well as hacking on internal tools or systems. We are talking full stack here. Your day might range from building APIs, to optimising database queries and building rich experiences on the client.

You have a strong CS background and a love for building web applications. You’ve actually built a few in your time. Our web app is primarily built in Javascript, and runs client side, though the backend services are mostly built in Python.



  • Love for crafting beautiful, well-tested code. We code primarily in Python, but we really don’t care if you are a Pythonista or not. You have the smarts needed to pick it up quickly.
  • Ability to ship things fast. We move fast and deploy quite a few times everyday.
  • Experience in building web applications. You have been using at least one well-known web framework.
  • Fluent in some *nix flavor. Most of our engineers work on Macs or Thinkpads running Linux and our servers run Linux primarily.


  • Experience with Django.
  • Experience with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and NoSQL technologies like MongoDB.
  • Open-source contributions.
  • Strong sense of good engineering and architecture.
  • Good understanding of security.

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