About Cuvva
Ever thought the premium you pay for your car insurance is opaque and unfair? Well, that’s because it is. At Cuvva we have fixed this by allowing you to insure yourself on a car for as little as an hour, via an app. No more meerkat toys, no more singing tenors, we have cut out all the middlemen and built our own insurance platform from scratch. We’re using it to change the way people buy and use cover, and the way they think about getting from A-to-B. It’s all about providing insurance that fits.
As a tech-driven company, we are changing the way people engage with their insurance company, the way they buy insurance, and the way they think about borrowing a car.

Why Cuvva?
We’re a well-funded Techstars alum with significant traction; sustaining ~20% month-on-month growth since early 2016.
We are looking for a talented and motivated iOS developer who will raise our game and keep us on top. We have a generous share option scheme as we believe that everyone within the company should share in the success they help build.

The job
We are looking for an experienced iOS engineer who will lay the foundations for the next couple of years of the user-facing side of Cuvva’s platform. You will have experience building complex apps in a modular fashion with elegance and simplicity. You care deeply about building rock-solid infrastructure for the long term, with a track record of delivering solutions which support your team and product.
Cuvva as seen by our customers will be created and owned by you, managing the delivery of our user experience end-to-end. You will also regularly prototype new concepts and research new technology, with a view to incorporating it into our long term plans. You will put practices and infrastructure into place which will support and lead your team as it grows.

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing practices and procedures for our use of iOS platforms
  • Laying the foundations for a codebase which will be in production for multiple years
  • Bringing our new design concepts to realisation
  • Collaborating with our platform team to spec out API requirements
  • Working with our team to develop their skills
  • Eventually building out a team of your own
  • Helping customers and fixing any problems they have (everyone at Cuvva helps out with support)


We’re committed to ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to join Cuvva, whatever your background. We will always treat your application in a fair and equal manner.

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