CrowdScores is a social scores network which allows fans to enter an immersive football experience where they can share both in-match events and opinion.

Over the last season CrowdScores has grown from 10,000 active users to over 500,000, increased interaction within our mobile apps ten-fold and our match coverage three-fold. We are now looking for great people to join in and continue that success.

At CrowdScores you will be:

  • Writing succinct, elegant Python, and perhaps one or two DSLs
  • Writing systems that process large amounts of data real-time
  • Working in a self-organising team of skilled Python developers
  • Using Agile (we model our workflow on Scrum), TDD and some pair programming
  • Doing DevOps – you will get to deploy (or at least write the single-step deployment scripts) and administer the servers as well as write the code for them
  • Writing auto-scaling, parallelizable micro-services with small, well-defined roles in the wider architecture
  • Influencing architectural and workflow decisions – these decisions are all made by the team as a group
  • Able to introduce new technologies, patterns and libraries where appropriate – we have no dogmas
  • Regularly assessing and improving anything that affects you, your team or the company through retrospectives
  • Working with: nginx, RabbitMQ, Salt, Vagrant, AWS, Slack, PostgreSQL, redis, MongoDB, Linux (Ubuntu), ZeroMQ, Flask, Django (though much of our code doesn’t touch it), GitHub, Sentry, Travis – knowledge of these is not essential, they can be picked up when you get here
  • Using continuous integration, frequent deployment and auto-scaling
  • Reviewing other’s code to increase knowledge transfer

The person we would like is:

  • Smart – either academically or otherwise
  • Abhorred by code duplication
  • In touch with the Zen of Python
  • Prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in
  • Preferably a football fan, though this is not essential
  • Any age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability or nationality, so long as you have the right to work in the UK

Working with us, you will:

  • Be given the freedom to get your job done
  • Face challenging, interesting and varied problems
  • Be given your choice of top of the range laptop (OSX, Windows or Linux)
  • Work in the centre of London in our offices just off Fleet Street
  • Love working with microservices – they are great!
  • Wear whatever you like to work
  • Join an enthusiastic, collaborative team that cares deeply about the quality of code that they write
  • Work in a relaxed, flexible tech-startup atmosphere, where the outcome matters more than anything else
  • Share in the success of the company through share options
  • Take part in hack days
  • Have unlimited holidays
  • Play far too much FIFA 17 (we have heard that the PS4 plays other games, but we haven’t tried yet)
  • Be invited for picnics in the park in the summer, table tennis nights at Bounce and other social events

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