Here at CrowdScores we have a fantastic team of people working on a product used by football fans worldwide. Our app has more than 2.5 million downloads, and more than 1 million active users every month.

As well as having a team full of smart people, we encourage learning and development along with plenty of fun.

We are looking for an experienced Python Developer to join our established and growing squad in our Blackfriars office. We create substantial new features every week alongside dealing with significant scaling challenges as CrowdScores continues to grow.

At CrowdScores you will be:

  • Writing succinct, elegant Python, and perhaps one or two DSLs
  • Writing systems that process large amounts of data real-time
  • Working in a self-organising team of skilled Python developers
  • Using Agile (we model our workflow on Scrum), TDD and some pair programming
  • Doing DevOps – you will get to deploy (or at least write the single-step deployment scripts) and administer the servers as well as write the code for them
  • Writing auto-scaling, parallelizable micro-services with small, well-defined roles in the wider architecture
  • Influencing architectural and workflow decisions – these decisions are all made by the team as a group
  • Able to introduce new technologies, patterns and libraries where appropriate – we have no dogmas
  • Regularly assessing and improving anything that affects you, your team or the company through retrospectives
  • Working with: nginx, RabbitMQ, Salt, Vagrant, AWS, Slack, PostgreSQL, redis, MongoDB, Linux (Ubuntu), ZeroMQ, Flask, Django (though much of our code doesn’t touch it), GitHub, Sentry, Travis – knowledge of these is not essential, they can be picked up when you get here
  • Using continuous integration, frequent deployment and auto-scaling
  • Reviewing other’s code to increase knowledge transfer

The person we would like is:

  • Smart – either academically or otherwise
  • Abhorred by code duplication
  • In touch with the Zen of Python
  • Prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in
  • Preferably a football fan, though this is not essential
  • Any age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability or nationality, so long as you have the right to work in the UK

Working with us, you will:

  • Be given the freedom to get your job done
  • Face challenging, interesting and varied problems
  • Be given your choice of top of the range laptop (OSX, Windows or Linux)
  • Work in the centre of London in our offices just off Fleet Street
  • Love working with microservices – they are great!
  • Wear whatever you like to work
  • Join an enthusiastic, collaborative team that cares deeply about the quality of code that they write
  • Work in a relaxed, flexible tech-startup atmosphere, where the outcome matters more than anything else
  • Share in the success of the company through share options
  • Take part in hack days
  • Have unlimited holidays
  • Play far too much FIFA 17 (we have heard that the PS4 plays other games, but we haven’t tried yet)
  • Be invited for picnics in the park in the summer, table tennis nights at Bounce and other social events

To apply for this role please send us your CV and cover letter. Salary is dependent on experience.


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