Hello! We’re Ed & Nick and we started Coform a few months ago. We’re now looking to hire our first founding employee: a senior full stack engineer.

What are we building?
In one line, we want to transform how companies buy, sell and integrate software. This is a problem we’ve both experienced first-hand and care a lot about solving. If we get this right, we think there’s an opportunity to become the AI infrastructure layer that all technical and API-distributed software of the future relies on.

Right now, we’re focused on technical pre-sales and integration teams at software companies. We help them win more deals and streamline complex implementations at scale, by creating lightbulb moments with their customers. We’re working hand in hand with solutions/sales engineers at Stripe, Klarna, Wise, Datadog, Segment, and more.

We’ve just closed a pre-seed round with leading European VCs and angels from Google, Twilio, Gocardless, Wise and Paddle so we’re well funded and good to hit the ground running.

We know when joining an early stage startup, evaluating us and our company matters just as much as us evaluating you – below we’ve put some more information to help you get to know this role and what’s important to us.

More about you:

  • Momentum over perfection – we enjoy and value working in an environment where we move fast, often making decisions based often on incomplete data – we’re looking for someone who enjoys this environment and being both collaborative but also autonomous in making their own decisions.
  • You love what you do – we take pride in what we’re building and how we build it – we’re looking for someone who also has a passion and love for what they do, always looking to be the best they can be in their role.
  • Customer-centric – our community is core to our product and go to market, so its important that everyone at Coform deeply understands our customers and their problems – we’re looking for someone who enjoys regularly talking to customers, including meeting them in person at our community events.
  • Feedback-driven – we’re building a culture with openness and transparency at its core – we’re looking for someone who prioritises being transparent, as well as giving and receiving feedback with low ego.
  • Technical skills – we’re aiming to build the best version of Coform, including solving some hard technical problems – we’re looking for someone with experience designing and building production systems at a startup/scaleup, and are comfortable in a senior engineer role, ideally leaning more towards backend.
  • Value in-person interactions – we value flexibility, but also the magic that can happen when everyone is in the same room – we’re ideally looking for someone who is able to be in-person in London 2-3 days a week (with some flexibility).

What you’ll be doing:
You’ll be a founding engineer and play a core role in shaping our tech, product, and company. Leading on anything from building our APIs and the infrastructure that powers them, setting up data pipelines to working on interactive frontend experiences.

  • Continue developing our MVP, taking us to our first public release and beyond.
  • You’ll work with our current stack (Typescript, React, Node, Postgres, Serverless) and be a leading voice in designing and implementing future systems from the ground up.
  • You’ll collaborate very closely with our customers. Regularly gathering feedback from our end users & design partners and come along to our community events to engage with the individuals we’re building with and for.
  • You’ll lead development of AI-driven features, involving large language models as well as frontend experiences involving diagrams and infinite canvases.
  • You’ll own our deployment pipeline. Optimising for developer experience and productivity. You’ll have a strong understanding of infrastructure, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

How we work at Coform:

  • We’re currently a team of 2, looking to expand to 5 over the coming 8 months. That means we’re nimble and lean with a focus on output and impact over process and politics.
  • Today, whilst both of us are involved in product and talking to customers, Ed is more focused on operations and go to market and Nick is more focused on designing and building out the platform.
  • We’re both based in London, working 2-3 days a week together in-person, between a few different office spaces.
  • We value flexibility and being in charge of our own schedules – we know life can throw a curveball at you sometimes, so prioritise output and trust, over set working hours.
  • We believe a more diverse team results in better products and stronger teams. We’re prioritising building a team of individuals from different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives, and removing the barriers that stop them from feeling secure and valued.

What we offer?

  • Compensation:£60K – 80K base salary
  • Statutory pension.
  • Meaningful equity in Coform (so you share in future financial rewards)
  • Holidays – 25+ days of annual leave, plus all bank holidays
  • Team lunch – every week we’ll have a free team lunch in the office together.
  • Health cover – we know how important healthcare is to people. We offer healthcare to all our employees.
  • Working abroad – 4 weeks work from anywhere policy (so you can explore the world or see family without using up your holidays)

Our hiring process?

  • Complete our quick form
  • Initial 30 minute video call with founders (so we can get to know you)
  • Short take-home exercise followed by a remote call to discuss (so you get an idea of what working with us is like)
  • In person coffee / tea (so you can get an idea of what we’re like as people)
  • Offer

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