Who are Codurance?

Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. We build well-crafted software and help development teams to get better at continuously delivering software through the application of Extreme Programming practices and Software Craftsmanship values.

In 2010, our founders started the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) which has grown to become the largest and most active Software Craftsmanship community in the world, with more than 4,000 developers that meet a few times a month to share and learn. Codurance was founded in 2013 and inherited the same community spirit.

Our Culture

Continuous learning is a passion shared by everyone in our organisation. Whether that’s attending one of our regular evening catch ups on new technologies or ideas, supporting the London Software Craftsmanship Community, speaking at conferences or making use of our unlimited training budget, we are all constantly looking for new ways to improve.
As a transparent organisation, everything from salaries to company finances are made available to everyone from day one. We have a flat management structure, with everyone in the company having an equal voice on how to improve our business. Got a new idea? Find two others that share your vision, form an ‘initiative circle’ and run with it.

The Role

We are looking for Software Craftsman that share the same values of pragmatism, professionalism and transparency that we do. Working exclusively in London and Barcelona, we support our clients in many ways, whether that’s working as a team on a project from our office, working with a client’s development team as an embedded Craftsmen or delivering training or providing advice.

What about you?

You consider yourself a software crafter. For you, writing code is not just a job but also a passion. Test-Driven Development is second nature to you and that’s how you write code. You prefer to work in small increments, trying things out and iterating rapidly, tightening the feedback loop as much as possible.

You are a team player. You understand that software lives on long after it is first delivered and that many different people will contribute to it over its lifetime. You enjoy frequent collaboration, including pair-programming.
As a passionate developer, you spend a considerable amount of time outside working hours investing in your craft, learning new technologies and practicing different techniques and approaches. You create for creation’s sake, building pet projects or contributing to open-source development. You don’t do this because a client or employer asks you to; you do it because you want to.

The skills that you possess

  • Practices: You have a good experience with Extreme Programming practices (especially TDD and CI), DevOps (experience setting up build pipelines and automation (Continuous Deployment)), and a good understanding of different Agile practices and how they can help a team to work effectively.
  • Design and Architecture: You have a good appreciation for software design at the micro and macro level, including familiarity with SOLID principles and Domain Driven Design (DDD). You naturally follow Clean Code principles (have you read the book?). You also have some understanding of different types of architecture including layered and hexagonal architectures, microservices, CQRS and Event Sourcing. You understand the basics principles of security, logging, monitoring, and supporting projects in production.
  • Technology stacks: Although we are always exploring different technologies, currently, the three main technology stacks we use are: JVM (Java/Clojure/Scala), .Net (C#/F#), and Node.JS. Most of our projects use Amazon AWS or Azure as a cloud solution. We expect a solid experience in at least one of the languages we use and familiarity with cloud solutions.

What do we offer?

  • Paid Conference Leave
    • 5 days of fully-paid leave, including reimbursement for the ticket price and T&L expenses.
  • Unlimited conference days
    • So long as your are speaking at a conference and have your expenses covered by the organisers, we are happy to provide paid leave for relevant conferences throughout the year.
  • Fully Paid Training
    • We will pay for any external training course that you would like to attend, so long as you can demonstrate how the skills are relevant to your development and would benefit the company. There is no fixed budget in this regard.
  • Screencast / Community Speaking / Blogging

We will actively support you to schedule, promote and host screencasts, community speaking opportunities or blogs that you would like to share with the wider community.

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