Who We Are

Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest and fastest-growing chain of primary and pre-primary schools with more than 400 academies and 120,000 pupils in Kenya and Uganda. We democratize the right to succeed by giving families living in poverty access to the high-quality education that will allow their children to live a very different life. We leverage experts, data, and technology in order to standardize and scale every aspect of quality education delivery, from how and where academies are built to how teachers are selected and trained, and how lessons are delivered and monitored for improvement. We are vertically-integrated, tech-enabled, and on our way to profitability. Bridge expects to continue rapid expansion in East Africa, Nigeria and India in 2016.

Tech at Bridge

Technology plays a critical role at Bridge in enabling us to provide education at massive scale and low cost – it’s one of the key elements that gives us the ability to deliver what no one else can. Tech spans User Experience Designer – BI several key functions, from the hardware and software that our academies use to run all aspects of teaching and management, including mobile payments, to the systems that enable our country headquarters to manage massive local operations, to the data backbone that informs all of our strategic and tactical decision making.

About the Role

We are looking for a full time User Experience designer to join our new London-based crossfunctional software development team, which is building the software that powers and improves our competitive advantage. The London team has a special focus on the parts of the system that are more customer facing, dynamic, and strategically important. This person will join an elite team of top tier software developers, overseen by a CTO passionate about delivering high-quality products – we will be building the technology that will take Bridge to the next level. More specifically, this role will be part of a sub-team we’re building dedicated to business intelligence, which will include a data visualisation engineer, a UX designer (this role), and a data warehousing expert. It’s a great opportunity to grow and learn, while working on developing software with a mission that few, if any, can compete with. We believe in innovation, fast feedback, and high impact. Historically, user centred design and user experience have been under-served functions at Bridge. Accordingly, this person needs to have the experience necessary to design and develop the practice without a lot of guidance, while simultaneously digging in and rolling up his or her sleeves to have direct impact across a number of initiatives.

User experience is a big tent, encompassing many different types of skills – for this role, the ability to perform user research and interaction design are of paramount importance. Moreover, many of our users are not technically sophisticated and use our technology in challenging situations, so the ideal candidate will be able to step outside of stock solutions and really get to know a user base that few pay attention to. Business Intelligence, in particular, represents significant untapped potential for Bridge – we collect lots of great data across academics, operations, finance, and customer insights; but much of this data stays locked up in our data warehouse, accessible only through a myriad of spreadsheet-style downloads. We’re now looking to develop user-centric dashboards and data analysis portals that will help all our departments quickly gather meaningful insights and explore data in a more intuitive way – not to mention our expanding portfolio of government partners.

How We Work

Above all else, we’re looking for ambition, organisation, drive, intellect, problem solving, and respect for others. You will be part of the London high-speed team, which emphasises collaboration across all aspects of delivery. We don’t have a lot of managers or decision making hierarchy – we have people passionate about getting their hands dirty and delivering the hotness

What You Will Do

  • Translate strategic business intelligence initiatives into designs for amazing digital experiences. This involves collaborating with a variety of stakeholders to define the relevant personas, user journeys, and functional requirements; and then creating the designs that will realise these goals.
  • Research and analyse the way our data can be used and then drive improvements in user experience.
  • Own the customer feedback function. We need someone to build the processes and practices required to ensure that we are continuously gathering and addressing usability issues with our User
  • Experience Designer – BI software, not just delivering a product and moving on without regard to how users actually experience it on a day to day basis.

What You Should Have

  • Bachelor’s degree with superior academic performance, especially in a field related to multimedia or design
  • A portfolio that demonstrates you have digital design skills
  • User-centric approach to design with a strong conceptual ability
  • Experience in presenting work and confidence interacting with business stakeholders
  • Broad understanding of user experience (not just wireframes)
  • Passion for Bridge’s vision of democratising the right for all children to succeed.

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