Blue Baboon is looking for a hands-on, technically minded yet creative web developer who is interested in all things digital. We are looking for someone who is more holistic than a specialist in any one field as the work we do is so varied. For example, one day you might be writing user stories and a technical brief, the next you could be building a rapid prototype of an application in Laravel and the next you could be coding a bootstrap custom built WordPress website.

Our approach is to provide the right solution for the clients specific needs. This involves a great deal of discovery time, scoping out the requirements and then documenting the specific user journies and interface of the platform. Throughout this stage we need somebody working with the creative team to both make sure what is being created is possible, and also pushing the boundaries of what isn’t.

Our company isn’t a heavy tech firm, but we love digital and our focus is here. We would like someone to join our team who wants to get their hands dirty, build an exciting team and infrastructure around them – and help our clients build meaningful digital solutions which are going to disrupt or challenge their specific industry.



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