Beyond is looking for an experienced React Developer to join our London studio.

Recent code samples must be provided to be considered for this role (preferably GitHub account). Please submit code samples with your application.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Advanced JavaScript development skills
    • Vanilla JavaScript (5+ years)
    • React/Redux (2+ years)
    • OOP and Front-End Design Patterns
    • ES6+
    • DOM manipulation
    • Event model & event propagation
    • TDD, specifically Unit, Integration & Acceptance testing
    • JSON, AJAX
    • RESTful API development / consumption
    • Service Workers / PWA’s
    • Advanced UI development
    • JavaScript rich interactions / animations
  • Templating languages
    • Twig {{ or similar }}
  • Cross browser / platform development
    • Mobile First Responsive Web Development
    • Multiple devices, mobile, tablet & desktop
    • Multiple browsers including backwards compatibility
    • Familiarity debugging browser inconsistencies
    • SVGs
    • Advanced HTML and CSS
  • Semantically correct and valid code
    • Accessibility (WCAG 2.0 up to AAA)
    • Complete understanding of HTML5 tags and attributes
    • Complete understanding of CSS3 (Media Queries, Pseudo Classes, 3D Transforms, Advanced Selectors)
    • CSS Pre-Processors (SASS / POSTCSS)
  • Build tools / workflow
    • Git
    • Gulp
    • Webpack
    • Yarn/NPM

Production requirements

  • Sketch, Zeplin
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Pixel perfect design implementations
  • AGILE processes / methodologies


  • Must write clean, efficient marked up code with documentation
  • Can read code written by others
  • Can write code from pseudo-code or verbal instructions
  • Passion for best practice guidelines and coding standards
  • Ensure code is written in accordance to Beyond or our clients coding standards and style guides.


  • Node
  • Exposure to isomorphic/universal react applications
  • Experience with templating engines
  • Experience with Mobile App Development (React Native)
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation

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