SQL Server/DBA – We’re looking for someone with a solid background in T-SQL and MS SQL Server –  preferably SQL Server 2014 and/or 2016 – who is comfortable working across multiple databases, servers and environments.

You will demonstrate the ability to interpret and enhance monitoring, identifying server and database performance issues. You will head-off potential issues before they become problems, and deal with unanticipated situations in a timely and apposite fashion, calling on a cool poise when under pressure.

You will be able to write T-SQL code that is clean, efficient and rigorously tested to function accurately and optimally. You will be proficient in interpreting existing SQL code and SSIS packages and diagnosing any problems contained therein. You will be capable of working with stakeholders to create business requirements that are concise and unambiguous, and deliver robust solutions to meet them.

Key requirements for the role include:

  • Database and server maintenance, including security, backups, upgrades, monitoring and High Availability.
  • Superior SQL Developer skills
  • Performance tuning and query optimisation with a comprehensive understanding of indexes and query plans.
  • Understanding of best practices in database architecture, including appropriate deployment of data types, keys and constraints.
  • Managing transactional replication
  • Troubleshooting and creating SSIS packages, notably to support ETL processes.

There is scope to participate in the team’s engagement with progressive and complementary technologies – e.g., cloud computing, other SQL languages (e.g. Postgres), the Apache Kafka platform – and delivering BI objectives. Exposure to these areas would be welcome, though the core of this role will be working with Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL.

7digital is a global enterprise, and digital entertainment never sleeps, so you will be expected to provide support outside of UK business hours as necessary.

We are a very collaborative organisation that utilises Agile methodologies in our day-to-day working environment. Familiarity with this kind of working environment and being happy to work in this manner is highly beneficial.

Required Skills

  • MS SQL Server
  • T-SQL
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)



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