Boolerang Unlimited is a monthly subscription plan that allows you to post unlimited Featured Listings on Boolerang.co.uk. Priced at just £250/month, Boolerang Unlimited is the perfect choice for any company that needs to fill more than two tech vacancies in London, fast.

Featured Listings are powerful – typically receiving 3-4x as many views as Standard Listings over the same period – and as one might expect, page views are positively correlated with application volume; more page views = more applications.

As a platform, we strive to maximise listing exposure and candidate quality. Boolerang Unlimited takes this to the next level.

Why Boolerang Unlimited?

  1. Maximum ExposureFeatured job listings receive 3-4x more page views Vs Standard Listings, owing to:

– Always Featured on Boolerang.co.uk – Your jobs will always be at the top of the listings.
– Always Featured in Newsletter – one of your listings will always be featured in our popular newsletter – sent weekly to over 20,000 London Techies.
– Powerful Email Campaigns – We’ll personally contact hundreds of London-based candidates with just the right skill-set for your vacancies.
– Heavy Social Promotion combined reach 8,500+.

  1. Super Cost Effective – e.g. 6 Featured listings will cost just £250/month with Boolerang Unlimited, Vs. the normal price of £100/Featured Listing. Many platforms charge £300+ for a single Featured Listing! *gasp*!
  1. Hassle-Free – Wave goodbye to searching for credit cards or faffing about entering payment details every time you list.
  1. Cancel Anytime – Self-manage your subscription & cancel anytime with no notice period.


Please email team@boolerang.co.uk with any queries. We typically respond within 2 hours. 😊

Getting Started

Simply hit the orange button below to get started! Once registered, any new listings you post will be Featured, any existing Standard listings will be upgraded to Featured Listings, and the listing dates will be reset to today’s date.

Boolerang Unlimited